Deep Thoughts by Sean Price…


Sean Price aka Sean Mandela aka Dark Cheadle reflects eternal on the loss of a friend to the beast that is heroin.


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  1. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    dat was deep. my condolences to u sean p.

  2. Smear says:

    the loss of a friend to the beast that is heroin.
    ^^Heavy shit….universal pain.
    dunno why but in my privileged corner of the globe I’ve dealt with this one too many times…. the worst is watchin them slip away…you can try to get em out and about, hit the bar, normalcy, whatever…. but if the beast’s too strong they just let it chew

    I remember how pissed i was at my boy fLuke M. (RIP) for dropping dead… at the time I was more angry at him for being weak than sad that he died. smfh. I’m sick of goin to funerals for peoples under 30.

    Can’t lie tho, that Heroin warmth>>>>

    not that i endorse its use but people tend to forget why the fuck people start tasting in the first place. The shit feels GOOD.

  3. Stay says:

    Sad. My daughter has Sickle Cell Disease also. Hope a cure is found soon so people like Luis Avila, my uncle, and so many other won’t use heroin to numb the pain.

  4. Power says:

    Thanx for that Sean P. He was my family and his death cut me so deep!!!!

  5. Big Boy says:

    I appreciate the love and shout out given by Sean P. It’s sad how people so close but yet so far. RIP uncle Smiley.

  6. DEBG says:


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