Thanks 2 Sean Price…

sean P

Sean Price and Joell Ortiz are the nicest rappers in the game right now without question and they both happen to give me access to document their work ethic behind the microphone and their lives behind the scenes.

Sean P is one of the main reasons you might fux with so I gotta thank my ‘Con for holding me down hardbody.

Hail Meg!

Mega-Sean from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Saratoga Ave freestyle from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Sean Price – ‘Angel Dust’ from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Sean Price – ‘Slum Shady’ from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Sean Price Is Right… from dallas penn on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “Thanks 2 Sean Price…”

  1. “I’m not Sean, any, more-more. Who is knocking @ my door-door? All the people that I knew, acted funny when Big Ruck got some loot…”

  2. sYk says:

    ^ who dat…Grands???

    I ain’t gonna lie…P! comments on sites, and that gets respect…plus them bars be crack pebbles..nhjic

    Shouts to D Yates jr…used to work with Sr…been supporting the team (DD) since the door…

    Joell? Cooperville…Grandparents Way…Frost diner…A&P supermarket…Withers St…eatin’ them cat sandwiches @ the cheena spot…freestyles by the store son always take flicks by…is the old dude with the long hair still at the bodega? Ain’t been there since ’07…

    Glad to see dudes doing it (nh)…word is bond

  3. Motherfucker……… That shits means “No Homo Just In Case” Fuck, it took my 2 years 2 crack that shit, & I just got it when I saw “nh” hahahahahah. Idiot savant #ftw




    Turkey Gibblets!

  4. sYk says:

    TG fo’ da dubya…

    * blows smoke in da air 4 da homies *

  5. Saratoga N. Blake says:

    Syk! What you know about Frost? Used to have gf on Manhattan Ave & Conselyea, I know that ‘hood very very well. Might have run into young Joell even! Great GREAT coffee joint on Graham too, if you’re a drinker. (No booze for me, lotsa coffee.)

    Re: Joell, I worry he’s dropping so so so many bars he’s going to run out of the best ones before he makes another real album but I hope I’m wrong. For the record, and tho’ I do NOT like Slaughterhouse (or ** ANY ** Kanye fucking posse cut), I copped

    “Who The #$#%& Joell Ortiz” at Beat Street (RIP) & “The Brick (Bodega)” at J&R. Joell guest with Smif N Wessun was fire, Joell guest with Infamous Mobb was mediocre, but I’m pulling for dude’s BEST.

    As for P, what can you say? Proud he’s from BK, proud of the ‘Ville and, also, ya’ll–

    check out Rock’s latest mixtape (tho’ mixtapes mostly suck), “Rockin’ Out West.” Together or apart, I strongly believe Rock & Ruck pushed each other hard (II) in the best ways, artistically– there’s ** NEVER ** been a hip-hop duo that great for that long.


    Lastly, P, if you see this, watch a movie called–


    greatest Brownsville/ENY film ever, “Coonskin” maybe excepted and it ain’t set there. Last scene at Spring Creek, no shit–

  6. superbadsolace says:

    SEAN IS THE BEST…YA NIGGAS IS THE OPPOSITE PAR!!!! Learned a lot from this dude. big up myniggabigruckusfrombucktown!!

  7. sYk says:

    @ Saratoga

    Mayne I spent hella days in that hood…going to Automotive HS…I was 1 of them OGs with da boombox in the cypher that Joell witnessed…he stays kickin’ it with my homie to this day…i love watching ‘New jersey Drive’ because it shows the places in that area I have fond memories of…

    I remember I went to a DD show @ the center in Boriquen PJs off of Graham Ave, and them Duck Down cats ripped that performance.

    And I used to hang out out on block 2 and 3 in Williamsburg Pj’s…shouts to 5FT.


  8. BIGNAT says:

    did sean p ever finish the angel dust track.

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