What did I learn about Lil’ B after seeing him perform last week at a sold out Highline Ballroom? This dude has swag on one trillion. What exactly does that mean? Nothing. Everything.

Hip-Hop has become music’s superhighway with countless lanes moving in all directions. At this point Hip-Hop is like rock music in that it needs a clear delineation of sub-genres to help the fans know what they are fuxing with. Lil’ B’s music isn’t what I would call rap even if it is heavily influenced by rap music. Dude likes to call his sound #Based music. It’s more like Hook Rap since the rap verses amount to not much more than a repeated chant.


I’m not going to sit here and knock Lil’ B’s lyrical skills when he himself will tell you he is a horrible rapper. What Lil’ B uses to develop his fanbase is his monster work ethic and more importantly, his accessibility to his followers. I’ve never watched a performer make himself so available to their fans as Lil’ B did in the Highline Ballroom. The show entered surreal cult status when fans told Lil’ B that he could fux their girlfriends and their mothers.

Lil’ B really has cats drinking the Kool-Aid like Jim Jones (no DipSet).

14 Responses to “OhMyGodBasedGod…”

  1. sean p 4real says:

    pure chi chi man ting

  2. khal says:

    oh my god based god
    you could fuck my bitch based god

  3. Swag on a 100 thousand. 100 million!

  4. Chris says:

    [II] to this post and Lil’B. Very questionable.

  5. BIGNAT says:

    what a second a deep v neck and pants that can’t even reach his waist but tight. they said baggy pants was a bad trend look at this shit. i’m having a old man moment and i’m 28.

  6. sean p 4real says:

    me nah deal wit chi chi man bizness my youth what ya take me for pussyhole?

  7. Combat Jack says:

    Can’t lie, I co-sign DP 100% on this post. Dude must’ve had angel dust seeping from out the smoke machine because that shit was unreal. Horrible rapper from a rap perspective, but his stage show was indeed swag on a 100 thousand. And I’m mos def nah chi chi man.

  8. Fosterakahunter says:

    Funny story I was gonna relate on the Lil B fb post: my dumb-ass passed on the Ghostface show on Hallowe’en to see this lame. A friend I used to manage was opening for dude, and told me I HAD to attend, and I’ll try almost anything once. Complete regret. One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. And, I was on guest list for the Starks show. Co-sign Sean P. This is not grown man rap.

  9. Saratoga N. Blake says:

    Props for honesty Foster… I myself don’t know what to say about this dogshit, even tho’ I can appreciate a show qua show.

    To wit, can anyone here imagine seeing fucking (s)Laughterhouse live and what a goddamn fiasco that would be? Even if you like lame punchline/mixtape rappers, which I do not– not even Joell, whom Game fucking destroyed on “Apollo Kids.”

    Commodores “Brick House” >>>>> Lil B + (s)Laughterhouse combined–


    B.T. Express was a show, because James, Sly & George showed ’em how–


  10. the_dallas says:

    I’m gonna be up in the Highline for the ShadyHouse show next month too.

    I remember talking with C.S.’ dad about Herbie Hancock and he told me that dude was NOT a jazz musician. Lil’ B is not a rapper but dude is all Hip-Hop. People that claim to love Hip-Hop don’t understand that rap is a derivative of the culture. And even rap contains a myriad of derivatives.

    Lil’ B is homoerotic [ll], for those that see that. Lil’ B is a pimp, for those that see that. Lil’ B is a groundbreaking producer, for those that recognize that. I’m not gonna try and foist this kid on y’all as the next NaS, but son is a Hip-Hop phenomenon and y’all should give him his space.

    But mainly because the kids CHOSE him, just like they chose Joell Ortiz or J Cole or Drake or even Sean Price. Lil’ B ain’t taking the food from no one’s mouf but he is working harder than most cats in the game.

  11. Jose the Hustler says:

    Why would u even play yourself, posting that ish? U cant even hear shit. its just him looking like a homo hooker from frisco.

  12. puerto-black says:

    “Some people say the cucumbers taste better pickled” -Dave Chappelle
    Why do the youth choose him and is there inverse?

  13. sean p 4real says:

    pure gunshot pon de batty boy

  14. Chris says:

    Dallas, from what aspects of hip-hip culture, or culture in general, does Lil’B derive?

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