Fly, Fly Away…

clark kent

Even back in the day, the Jets were breaking DJ Clark Kent’s heart.

So what happens to this team who can’t get out of the AFC title tilt?

What will the 2012 tournament Jets look like?

I wouldn’t mind adding OchoCinco to our team now that he’s putting his name back to what it was originally.

5 Responses to “Fly, Fly Away…”

  1. $yk says:

    used to wear my 3 & 2 finger rings the same way…

    yo dP…that site with the obama blog has viruses on it…

  2. 40 Diesel Drewpreme says:

    Fire Schottenheimer as the OC first and foremost.

    We need a stalwart nose to fill in on that DL because Jenkins is getting janky in the knees.

    We’ll get Jim Leonhard back who was a huge part of the defense.

    We need help at safety which we could have had if we took Taylor Mays over Kyle Lee Watson.

    We’re fortunate to have a a draft where we can retool and add on to the cipher.

    My Gang Greenness never waivers – Word to Rich Kotite & Browning Nagle.

    PS – I say we invite Randolph F. Moss to camp see what he has left in the tank. I think he’d like playing for Rexy.

  3. LEX says:

    We must re-sign Harris and Smith. After that focus on the Wide receiver situation and I agree with a DT. We really need to strengthen our front 4 on the D line. Although I like the Job Pouha and Devito did, we need a more legitimate pass rush. A lot of guys around the league talk like they wouldn’t mind playin for Rex.

  4. $yk says:

    IMO they ain’t gotta re-tool the whole squad

    even with that 4th & goal they still got 9pts out of it (safety & TD)

    if dude didn’t catch that pass of a 1st down we might be having a different convo right now

    LoLz @ Browning Nagle

    but I do agree a lot of cats wanna jump on the green team…let’s see who’s worthy

  5. the_dallas says:

    That failed red zone series may have doomed Schottenheimer in many fans eyes but this was a season for dropped passes from Jets WRs.

    Its all about another playmaker on the DL [ll] to force the issue so that the corners can make plays.

    Randy Moss would be great, but what GM is gonna risk they neck on dude at this point?

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