Respect The Architects…


That dude in the pic above is my homey KyleStyle156.

KyleStyle is the dude that put me on into the graff lifestyle. Kyle brought me into the fold at this non-profit organization called ICRY which stood for Inner City Roundtable of Youth. ICRY would be all about getting graff kids public art projects. They wouldn’t pay the kids but when you are 13yrs old you want a reap and fame way more than money.

KyleStyle156 def had a rep. He and JonOneFiveSix were the last top to bottom kings on the 1 line. I used to post up at Chambers Street to catch their trains going to and coming from South Ferry. I just re-connected with KyleStyle via the interconnected networks at Facebook. Here are some of the pics he uploaded to his page.


This was me rocking the jacket he did for me back in 1983. Thank you internets for helping me to respect the architects


9 Responses to “Respect The Architects…”

  1. One word… WOW.

    This is awesome right here DP.

  2. drek428 67 says:

    those pieces are f.r.e.s.h
    dope shit. repping all the elements.
    too bad that jean jacket is not an xxl.

  3. rolf haggis says:

    this and pornos are why i come to

  4. kylestyle156 says:

    Yo D Thanx, Jonone 156 and I often dont get the props we deserve for the things we did on the subways but its all good, you were there so you know first hand and it was fun havin’ you on board. Even though ICRY robbed the shit out of us like most patrons of the arts, we were in it for the pure love of it.

  5. CRIZ 156th says:

    Peace to Kyle, Jon, Rac , Omni and all the 156 pioneers that paved the way.

    See more history here

    156 ALLSTARZ!

  6. topher says:

    Kyle is one talented mofo, on the same level as writers like Doze, Poke,, West! The pix shown here and on the internet in general barely touch the surface.

    This dude (along with Jon) did AMAZING whole cars.

    Gots to give credit where it’s due. Props.

  7. BAB says:

    @ KyleStyle…

    Shit,would have loved to featured that in the Graff Wars book.
    Gave you some love here;

    If you send a High resolution flick of it to
    we will use it in the “ROTJ” deluxe edition coming 2013.

  8. BAB says:

    Gave you a wrong email.
    Here we go again;

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