Miami’s Disappearing Act…

What happened to that boy?

LeBron James is not a closer.

Kobe Bryant > Michael Jordan > Dirk Nowitzki > LeBron James

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  1. Come on now.. enough with Princess Koby. He dont even belong on that list.

  2. illill says:

    stick to the lo lifestyle son cuz no way ever should Bryant be first
    Especially in the playoffs
    Jordan has legendary moments when Bryant has none
    And was 5-24 in game 7 last year
    And I don’t remember Jordan getting swept out the playoffs in the prime of his career

  3. Lex says:

    Stop it Dallas…….just stop it
    Puff Daddy is good but Wu Tang is better
    Cuz Wu Tang is for the children

  4. Brahsef says:

    It ain’t over yet. Christ, the heat have two home games to finish it off.

  5. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    I’m a casual basketball fan, the only NBA games I watched this season have been the Finals Dal v Mia.

    I have to say I’m impressed with both teams ability to play as a team. If Nowitzski, or otoh L James, Wade, or Bosh get double teamed, they pass to the open guy like Kidd, Terry (or Chalmers, M Miller). The stars on these teams understand bball is a team sport.

    I don’t recall this from the whiny bitch-ass Kobe/Shaq Lakers, & their incessant complaining & ball-hogging.

    Also, digging these giant players like Nowitzski & James that can not only dunk, but also shoot 3s & good shooters in general. Not so much for Shaq who missed over half his free throws.

    Hoping Dallas wins, but I have no hate for Mia if they were to win.

  6. puerto-black says:

    MJ-6 for 6 champs. Kobe-5 for 7
    MJ-Luc Longely, Old Bill cart and wennigton, Kobe-Shaq, Pau
    MJ-Never snitched. Kobe- “During the investigation, Kobe told police that “he should have done what Shaq does … that Shaq would pay his women not to say anything” and that Shaq already had paid up to $1 million “for situations like this.” This created controversy because Kobe and Shaq were teammates at the time and many thought that Kobe broke “locker-room code” by revealing confidential information.”

    Come on DP. Aint no Team KOBE brand

  7. Smear says:


  8. CezeP says:

    Yo! dallas you buggin Kobe>michael. Come on son thats blasphemous. The basketballl gods should strike you with lightning

  9. DV says:

    Lets talk about facts.

    Jordan has 6 rings with far less talent surrounding him then Kobe has been blessed with his 5. Plus Jordan played in the real NBA. When driving to the hole was a bold life decision and hand checks where allowed. Nowadays you tap someone with one finger its a foul. You grill someone longer then 2 seconds its a Tech.

    Jordan 5 x’s regular season MVP
    10 x’s All-NBA 1st Team
    6 x’s NBA Finals MVP
    1 Defensive POY
    9 x’s All Defensive First Team
    STILL ranked #1 in NBA scoring average all time
    Hold record for 10 seasons league leading scorer.
    Tied with W. Chamberlin for consecutive seasons as league scoring leader


    GTFOH with that bullshit you spittin Penn!!!!

    Kobe wish he had half that resume. He has had plenty of time to do what Jordan did because he didnt go to college. Jordan stayed 3 years in college and still acheived so much.

  10. abstrizzle says:

    I love this tidbit….Jordan never lost in the finals & Kobe did. Just sayin’ playa.

  11. the_dallas says:

    The only reason I keep this site alive is for the moment in the near future where everyone agrees that Kobe > MJ

  12. BIGNAT says:

    kobe to me can never claim the number one spot. he had the crew they were the yankees of basketball they are suppose to win.

  13. Slick_Rick says:

    this blog will live forever yo, cuz kobe will never > Jordan.

  14. illill says:

    the real stat was showed last night….

    in the first 10 nba finals games

    bryant avg 19
    james avg 19
    jordan avg 34

    game fucking over.

  15. the_dallas says:

    Duplicitous use of stats. How old was Jordan during his first 10 finals games?
    In his 30s? Kobe was barely out of his teens.

    Why doesn’t the league have a trophy or award named after Jordan if he was so great? Jordan was league’s greatest pitchman and a culture that is captivated by advertising can’t separate commercialism from substance or achievement.

    See Jay-Z for Exhibit B

  16. illill says:

    ok jordan averaged 33.4 in the finals his whole career
    he was 27, 28 and 29
    bryant is no where near that
    jordan is 6-0 in finals should of been 8-0 and bryant is no where near that
    you gotta be a knicks fan….so am i but you are buggin if you think bryant is even close
    and james the quitter will never be there
    if you dont see that then leave basketball alone.

  17. Mark Dub says:

    And the win goes to illill. D P….FOH w/that isht.

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