Action Bronson – ‘Brunch’

Action Bronson keep putting in work to secure votes for the rap rookie of the year award. The track is off Bronson’s ‘Dr.Lechter’ CD produced by Tommy Mas. ‘Dr.Lechter’ is the second best rap CD I have heard this year. Bronson is a manimal who I fux with [ll].


Visuals from Tom Gould and Alex Richter

Did you peep that boy’s Oakley #swag

8 Responses to “Action Bronson – ‘Brunch’”

  1. This video was cold. I fux with Action Brosonelli

  2. smart says:

    homo scunt ?!??????? that was his graf name homo scunt

  3. BIGNAT says:

    action bronson has got my ear

  4. cocotaso says:

    this dude is quickly becoming my favorite new rapper

  5. Nate says:

    Man this guy is killing everything, Sean P needs to do a few jams with this guy, he is F0cking HUNGRY. Another thing about this guy, he has GOOD BEATS, a lot of good rappers don’t have a good ear for beats.

  6. $yk says:

    They call dude “Ghostface Kizza” over @ NahRight…this video is bananas

  7. cocotaso says:

    Nate Says:
    Sean P needs to do a few jams with this guy


    add roc marci on the beats and rhymes and make it a trio

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