Words For My Father…


When someone told me I had already dropped my Baltimore story it made me think about what it is I am trying to convey by telling my life experiences on this website. From founding the Decepticons to being a five and dime drug dealer these stories aren’t meant to regale the reader with the notion that I was a gangster.

In truth, these stories are meant to show how far I have come in my understanding of what brotherhood and manhood actually requires. I don’t want to be anyone’s hero either. I don’t deserve those accolades. I just want to pay back a debt I owe to the people who helped shape me, protect me, inform me and ultimately save me.

Without Megatron, the rabbi or my father this website wouldn’t even exist. My whole online profile would be nil. Looking outside of my window I can say that none of this shit is about me. It begins and ends with Mr. Penn who married my mom when I was five years old. He knew a lot about sacrificing himself to reach his goals.


Today, on Mr. Penn’s birthday I am going to re-pledge myself to telling my story properly. With the right focus and the right aim. I’m sure that someone will know someone who can benefit from the knowledge that all is not lost when they have heart and believe. The book is gonna be called ‘The Transformation’.

‘The Transformation’ will start in my teenage years when I separated myself from my giving tree. I’ll tell you all about my failures in Baltimore, Atlanta and Miami and how I took these losses and converted them into lessons. I learned to love my life for the rainy days because they allow me to fully appreciate the sunshine. And everybody loves the sunshine.

I won’t have to tell some of y’all to stay tuned since y’all have been on this page since it went live in August 2005. Back then my homey Paris told me to write the book. He was right and now I will be write. Even when I was young my swag was grown man and that’s because Megatron, the rabbi and my dad kept their eyes on me. If they could see me now they would be happy their efforts weren’t in vain.

Let’s go internets.


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  1. Slumbilical says:

    So proud of you, my dude. It’s an honor to have guest-posted a lil’ bit here. Looking fwd to copping 10 of the book when it hits Amazon. Fuck a Kindle – I’m-a haffa smell those pages and really dig in [ll]. Do the damn thang, my dude. Le-go!

  2. AreaFY says:

    cant wait. good luck Dallas!

  3. Lamar Debussy says:

    Hail, Penn!

    I dunno if pops was a jazz fan but here’s one of the all-time classic Horace Silver tunes, “Song For My Father”–


    The worry of course is the kids who need it most aren’t peeping this or reading many books but just getting the message out there is important because someone will find it of great value, even folks you can’t imagine now.

  4. Lamar Debussy says:

    p/s: Hail Roy Ayers too! (Don’t think we didn’t notice.)

    p/p/s: might alienate 90% of DP readers but those who really ride with the George on the Mothership riders will appreciate these like minded white boys gettin’ out–


  5. ADB says:

    Yes! Right move DP, you have a story to tell and a style of writing that will hook people in.

  6. TED says:

    books >>> the internets >>> kobe

  7. Smear says:

    thanks for all the work Dallas…. i love reading these drops. Write that book.

  8. Soundwave says:

    This memoir is long overdue. Hopefully it will finally give you that cathartic release. You know I’m riding, front seat, back seat just not the “boodie” seat.

  9. abstrizzle says:

    Looking forward to it. The book will be very interesting. Internets….

  10. p-city says:

    Man… I can’t wait to buy that book!

    Your Big 3 are proud of you right now.

  11. BIGNAT says:

    i know who said that comment (raises hand) that was said with no malice big homey. just letting you know i pay attention to the stuff you put up. i appreciate the time and effort you dedicate to this site. i send alot of my friends to your site to check it out. most only come back when you do a lo or sneaker post. i tell them you drop knowlegde you just got to wait for it.

    i’m a 80’s baby but i was born in 82 so most of the stuff you talk about i can grasp it but i never got a chance to live it like you did. i have three olders brothers though. also all of us left the house before 19. me the latest a couple weeks before my 19 b-day. hearing your stories reminds me of talking with my brother. the oldest was born in 66 the next in 69 and the one above me in 77. we all have gotten into bullshit but my bro born in 69. the stuff he got into reminds me of the stuff you got into.

    also the transformation is a nice title it’s powerful. i know it’s a long shot but if you could get it done by september. i could take it with me for my long ride to thailand. almost 24 hours travel time i need a good book hahahaha.

    megatron the rabbi and your dad are with you big homey. that’s why you keep going forward. you can’t stop you won’t stop do the diddy dance

  12. LM says:

    Doesn’t matter the title. The Penn Tome is long overdue.

  13. VEe! says:

    Peace it’s been a minute. My J-O-B blocked this blog, they deemed it too adult for my downtime viewing pleasure. Anyway I have a couple minutes at night now because my young son is finally on top of his sleeping through the night game. YES!

    When the book is out, I’m checking for it.

  14. the_dallas says:

    If I’m sitting up front with the screwdriver best believe you are holding the pulley

  15. pmac says:

    suboxune smart white hustler go for yours but you need a advance and dont ever try a randy moss or your internet celebrademy is dead, good luck, i heard you lose weight you lose diabeties prove me right and weres that doom ghostface shit.

  16. $yk says:

    word is bond…no ‘mo…

    dP is THAT nigga…fam I’ll send you a money order for that scribe (I don’t fuk wit electronic bread)

  17. illill says:

    to the illest blog….indeed

  18. DirtyJerz says:

    DP! Finally! 1st time I ran into this site in 2008, I read the latest post….then decided to go thru the entire DP.com catalog. It took a few days, but was well worth it and a great read on its own. I’m not sure if you’ve done that lately, but try it again and you will be more inspired to write the masterpiece.

    This is adidas chance to redeem themselves and give you a shoe to match the book…on some Coraline type sh*t!

    Lets. Go.

    Oh, VEe! Whaddup!?

  19. Vee says:

    DirtyJerz! Whaddup!

  20. Sandman says:

    “Deeper than Rap” that is… Many do not understand the ETHOS behind the 80’s baby context, they take it as a time mainly glorified by lax criminal prosecution and over the top styling. Although for very long I watched your site as a “lurker” without commenting, I admire the way you have created a tapestry based on the myriad experiences of your life.

  21. awwwwright it’s GO TIME! SFUnite!

    D you know we’ve needed this. However long it takes to come out – it’s time to roll.

  22. Kiana says:

    Can you do a book tour when the book drops and come to LA so I can get a signed copy?!!! Seriously, this is great news. Can’t wait to read it.

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