LIL’ KIM gets pinched by the FEDS

baby girl's mugshot
The news that LIL’KIM was convicted on several of the Federal charges put on her had the ‘hood all abuzz. She would have been better off taking steroids or trading classified stock information than committing perjury. Who knew perjury could leave you open for twenty years in the slammer?

The upside that I see to KIM’s probable prison stint is that her cosmetic surgery fetish will be temporarily derailed. She was on the path to overtake M.J. in the number of total facial alterations performed in an 18 month timespan.

The other upside to this quagmire she’s stuck in will be all the ‘QUEEN BEE’ time she will have on her hands. People are using Federal prison stints as personal makeover spa vacations. Did you see how good MARTHA STEWART looked when she came home? I expect KIM to at least write a goddamn book!

KARINNE ‘SUPERHEAD’ STEFFANS wrote one. NAS’ baby mama did too.

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