Dark Knight Artwork

sienkiewicz batman

Take a minute to peep this dude BILL SIENKIEWICZ’ website. Some of you might remember dude from his work back in the days on Moon Knight and the New Mutants. He’s also done some wild dope paintings of Batman.

sienkiewicz batman

Elektra the Assassin


And one of my favorite album covers of all time – RZA’s ‘Bobby Digital’
bobby digi

4 Responses to “Dark Knight Artwork”

  1. Nigeria says:

    Too bad the album wasn’t all that

  2. rafi says:

    Cool. Hey do you or anyone else know what other comic book artists have done rap album covers?

    I know Bob Camp did the old Newcleus and Afrika Bambaataa covers.

    Can anyone name some others?

  3. Per says:

    you know i just got me a new wallpaper for my computer desktop

  4. And of course Arkham Asylum is an incredible graphic novel.

    Keep the comic nerditude going.
    His Wolverine is sick as well.

    Todd McFarlane has done rock albums.

    Not sure on that Rafi.

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