Good Morning Biatches!

black coffee in bed

What your story Morning Glory? Sunday is the first day of the week and you have come to the right place if you want to get on the good foot. I need to give a few people some love(no brokeback) for helping me get my focus together for this new week.

– This dude had some fire this past week and I missed it because I was busy wearing my girlfriend’s legs like earmuffs. DENISE RICHARD’s is mulatto poon?!? Thank GOD for Start Snitching.

FREE DARKO – This is for all of you NBA addicts.

A SALUTE TO WEED CARRIERS – ASTWC is one of the internets best kept secrets. You might know of this camp from the UNKUT site, but ASTWC keeps it real on a whole ‘nother level. The ‘Weed Carrier’ is the member of a celebrities entourage that is designated to hold the contraband when the police come knocking. That there is a website that explains the plight of these people in detail is both informative and entertaining. Now somebody please save LIL’ CEASE.

– The game is told and not sold at this website. The words from this sage player should put you in a good position to get your summer right this year.

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