Cyber Monday Lifestyle…

I had to keep my Cyber Monday pickups simple since I already blew my grip on the Duncan Foamposites. Not to worry tho’ because it’s been reported that people clicked their way to more than $1.3 BILLION dollars in sales. What kind of recession is this country in again?

I hope most Americans aren’t like me tho’ because I decided to forego paying my cellphone bill to put my hat in the ring for Cyber Monday. Lol, and I mean ‘hat in the ring’ literally. Nothing makes me happy like a funky little knit ski cap and this joint is the fiyahwerkx.

4 Responses to “Cyber Monday Lifestyle…”

  1. illill says:

    I delayed a bill for a navy yacht club long sleeve rugby with the light blue collar and oatmeal flag sweater

  2. BIGNAT says:

    i’m not delaying bills just for material items

  3. @EL_Chupacabruh says:

    Merino Wool Watch Cap & Big Pony Lambswool Scarf…….. Was my contribution to Cyber Monday……

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