Somebody told me that we have a Black President,
just ‘cuz he didn’t want to go to ‘Nam
and ‘cuz he smoked weed,
and ‘cuz he cheated on his old lady,
and ‘cuz he says words like ‘cuz.

But the only Black man that I know,
never smoked a joint,
fought in the war against Black America,
and did two rounds with the VIET CONG,
he was a champion for the foundation of Black culture;

You won’t agree with everything he says,
but you know he will never lie to you.
That’s the only Black man that I know.



CLARENCE A. PENN III July 31, 1944 – June 7, 2005

4 Responses to “BLACK PRESIDENT 1996”

  1. some guy says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, and wanna say keep your head up on today, the 1st anniversary of your father’s death. I’m sure he’d be really proud of what you’re doing here @ DP


  2. Combat Jack says:

    Yer ole man looks like he took shit from his fam, but if you wasn’t in his immediate blood circle, he would commence with the duffing and ass whuppin. Street smarts type of cat, no?

  3. Supa says:

    Big ups, Baba Penn!

  4. CANDICE says:

    Great tribute. With age comes wisdom. Pass it on.

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