The Lakers Of The Politricks Game…

Politricks are a game much like any of the professional sporting contests we watch. Politricks are certainly just as fixed as pro sports are. Consider the supreme court judges as the refs. Them dudes are supposed to be impartial, but everyone still has a boss they have to obey. Dollar, dollar bill y’all.

Kobe and Obama are both reviled mostly due to the nostalgia which dominates most American mindsets. Everyone thinks the shit that happened yesteryear was way better than anything happening today. Also, this is still America and we are unapologetically racist at our core. Its. What. We. Do.

Rahm Emanuel left the Obama cabinet to do his own thing and I thought of a corollary to the recently departed Phil Jackson from the Lakers’ camp. Can Kobe Bryant get back to the promised land without his guru? Will Obama make it back to the White House without Rahm cleaning up his messes?

The competition in the NBA right now seems a lot more formidable than the comp being posted by the Republican party, but I wouldn’t downplay the possibility of some Manchurian October surprise. This is just entertainment after all and I’m part of the rapt audience.

3 Responses to “The Lakers Of The Politricks Game…”

  1. illill says:

    Bryant is old…all jump shots
    lakers ain’t doin shit but the west is so weak

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Props for mentioning Emanuel. Those in the know here in Chicago are up on his tricks already, even if the majority of the voters here fall into line like lemmings. I fuxxin hate Chicago for that; They keep the crooks around for decades.

  3. Mark Dub says:

    Bynum came back the other night in full-fledged beast mode on some, “fux Dwight Howard; y’all got me” shit.

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