Legends Of The Fall…


A$AP Roky has an Iditarod Superboot collab about to pop off with Timberland. It looks like they are using a blonded nubuck leather. I just hope they are giving the upper the same elephant skin pebbled texture as the classic 40 Belows.

Yes, I’m riding for A$AP Rocky to win.


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  1. jt_DopeSole says:

    Complex released the image of the boot yesterday I believe. You should go peep it, I’m interested on your take GoddBootGodd

  2. Thats cute and all, but I just need the OG version of the 40 below retro. I’m depending on your Dallas for that inside info. I figure I buy two pairs of those and I’m good for boots until I go back to the essence…

  3. BIGNAT says:

    what 40 said i agree

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