Skilluminati Rising…


The most important rapper over 40yrs old isn’t Jay-Z. Thirstin’ Howl the 3rd is rap’s MOST important independent artist not named Tech-9. Thirstin’s perserverance and devotion to the lifestyle is legendary. Still rapping. Still styling. Still skilling this shit after ALL these years. Salute this 5 star general when you see him on these internets streets.

This mini-movie is a collection of verses behind some real cinema noir storytelling. Thirstin’ and I have spoken on several occasions and this man recognizes what the video platform means for bringing people to his artistry. Thirst is taking the story of his life and making movies.

6 Responses to “Skilluminati Rising…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    Salute original Lo-Life founders, big ups to Rack-Lo too

  2. T-Bag says:

    DP, You guys need to get Thirston Howl, Rack-Lo, and G George on The Combat Jack Show. That show would be bananas, so much history and so much content in that show. A lot of new heads to this Lo culture need to learn their history and there is no better way to do that than have the original Lo-Life founders on.

  3. the_dallas says:

    I pitched Thirstin’ Howl to Combat and he wasn’t interested. I’ll fire up the Sneaker Fiends podcast again soon as some other things fall in place and definitely bring on Thirstin’.

  4. James says:

    Dallas why no thurston? Is combat going bougie with that clear channel money?

  5. T-Bag says:

    Combat is tripping. These dudes are legendary NYC icons. DP, it’s your responsibility to educate Combat. I can just imagine how ill that show would be. They probably got stories for days. If you can make it happen on the Combat Jack Show you must bring it to Sneaker Fiends. Try and make it a 4 hour show in 2 parts and get them in the studio, don’t interview them over the phone. Get Rack-Lo too. That show is an early Christmas gift.

  6. Fosterakahunter says:

    Frenchie Montana but no Thirstin? Bodeen..

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