Guardians Of The Lifestyle Galaxy…


I’ve been chilling in Atlanta with ‘dukes since the month began. I love the Atlanta lifestyle shopping spots because there are so many of them. I particularly fux with the Macy*s in Atlanta. The popular ‘LO down here are the basic pony knits so all the extravagant shit stays on the shelves.

I’m activating myself to find this jacket since I have a 25% off WOW! pass for Macy*s. I’m hoping this jacket has already hit the first reduction point. With that additional coupon I could save about $200 off retail.



Better than sleeping at a Holiday Inn Express, wearing pieces like this imbues you with the knowledge and power to perform rescue operations at sea. That is the almighty allure of Polo Ralph Lauren.

3 Responses to “Guardians Of The Lifestyle Galaxy…”

  1. illill says:

    got damn I need this. I need some things from this line since the river wild has died down. Dillards 50 off with this line when Macy’s is 25

  2. warmachine says:

    Hot piece do you have any rl 2000 pieces ifux with rlx. Enjoy your time in Atl.

  3. BrickCity77 says:

    Dallas dope jacket, tho I have one similar that RL dropped a few years back.
    As far as jackets go, I’m plotting on this piece once the sales hit

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