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Chocolate Snowflake and I are gonna go fux up the city for my new year. The mansion on 72nd is the first stop. I’ma see if they got any XXL exec bears left. Then Century21 for a sox swag run and maybe a Marshall’s to pick up some Mets’ gear to celebrate Mike Piazza Day at Shea tomorrow.

I had to copp this heirloom quality handknit. Just Blaze rocked it at the ComplexTV set and the shit was vainglorious with details.


You see the #OutfitArchitecture

The indian head sweater lives forever in the Polo RL mythology. This piece tho’ is made waaaaaay better than the OG knit.


God is in the details and God is on this sweater

Timberland Pathrock GTX (GoreTEX) for the foundation footings.



I thought these socks might be in rhythm with this ‘Fit but they are lil’ off. Back to the drawing board I guess. Peace Internets.

5 Responses to “Native New Yorker Lifestyle…”

  1. illill says:

    damn I need this didn’t know they still existed like not sold out

  2. *bows down to sweater*
    Happy Birthday Dallas!

  3. Soundwave says:

    Happy Birthday Peter Pan! Report!

  4. illill says:

    I saw this knit at Marshall’s in a medium
    Shit fit like under armour I had to leave it

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