Fatboy Mathematics…


DP drops the science behind your favorite fast foods.

Peep the vid to see why White Castle is the king…

One Response to “Fatboy Mathematics…”

  1. ComishnaSnaxx says:

    Nice! Must have taken a lot of resolve, to not pluck up and eat that little onion tab sticking to the box, while you were narrating this docu-drama. I, too, like the concealment factor of the boxes. I usually just go-one in one to reduce my intake by 50%. And this only fools peeps on departure. The see through bags they use, expose you from point of purchase to seating yourself or for your entire take-out trip….unless you masterfully use napkins as ever-concealing camouflage.

    Love White Castle but they’ve fallen off ever since they went to tartar sauce packets and no more wood forks. And the much loved fish fillets are tasteless now, ya gotta buy fish nibblers and throw them on top, for any taste.

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