Watching NetFlix? Yes. Blood Sucking? Not So Much…


CASIMIR NOZKOWSKI is the man behind the lens for the iNternets Celebrities. Thank goodness for him he puts in more work than just the i.C.’s or ol’ boy wouldn’t even have carfare. One of CAZ’ latest projects is the internets based film series called ‘Blood Brothers’. It’s the story of two slacker vampire roommates just trying to get by and get high with some help from their friends. Think of this as BRAM STOKER meets ‘Three’s Company’.

Here’s a look at webisodes 1 thru 4 for your Hallows Eve viewing pleasure…


Hahahahahahahahahaha -cough- hahahahahahahahahaha

2 Responses to “Watching NetFlix? Yes. Blood Sucking? Not So Much…”

  1. LM says:

    Gross. But funny.

  2. Casimir says:

    Thanks for the post, Dallas.
    You are a gracious internets celebrity!

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