DP Dot Com Crime Scene Investigation

my name is earl

My name is Earl.

Nothing excites me more than the things that come from inside the human body. In this CSI episode we will try to figure out what caused the expulsion of so much nutritional proteins.

my name is earl

Closer inspection determines that this was probably a meal with chicken or turkey as the base and what appears to be some kind of red vegetable, possibly a habanero pepper or a tomato skin.

my name is earl

This event seems to have been caused by the victim’s choice of reading material.

my name is earl

‘Dirty Money’ by author ASHLEY JaQUAVIS. A jig lit classic along the lines of even the greatest CHESTER HIMES novels.

my name is earl

‘Scarface’ themed sneakers indicate that this victim lived the faux gansgter lifestyle head to toe.

my name is earl

This crime scene lends credence to the discussion that ‘Scarface’ is only favored by those without the good taste to appreciate quality PACINO films like ‘Dog Day Afternoon’.

my name is earl

8 Responses to “DP Dot Com Crime Scene Investigation”

  1. The most craziest thing about the photo is the condition of them kicks!
    This photo is the aftermath of 4 or 5 dueces of “Steel Reserve”

  2. 40 says:

    LOL… Repulsive yet entertaining. I don’t know whats worse – the hoodie that looks like an oversized baby jumper, the kicks, or choice of reading material. But let it be known we got the flyest derelicts in the world!

  3. Tiffany says:

    This was disgusting but I couldn’t help but read the whole thing. Damn you Dallas LOL. Hey 40, I had a comforter like that hoodie when I was a youngster…

  4. Big Homie says:

    He needs to retire them kicks pronto

    Glad I didnt look at this post after I ate

  5. CeezDiem says:

    Dog Day Afternoon Kicks. HA!

    What about some fly Frankie and Johnny kicks for the ladies. Michelle Pfifer on one side, pacino on the other.

    Or some hot “Scent of a Woman’ses joints, with the word “HOO-AAAAA!! on the tounge, written in braille.

  6. J™ says:

    LOL @ the scarface kicks

  7. prynsex says:

    *I am about to be fired for laffin so hard*

    Now, where do I begin, foot to head, or head to foot.

    Where in the world did he get those kicks. Bless his heart. Were those suppose to be some custom made A1’s from the CD man on the corner or Patel Habib at the Brooklyn bodega?

    What’s even worse, you got all up in his grill on those shoes. You wrong man, dead wrong for that one.


  8. Johnny Mack says:

    Oh snap, I’m glad you let him slide without showing his facial identity in the post.

    Kid if your reading this get the toothbrush out and put some work in on those counterfeit one’s or better yet retire those along with the baby blanket and damn those track pants really put the combo together nicely, looks like a team of hand me downs from a team of hand me downs.

    Billy you wrong for this one, lmlfoffofof.

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