2005 NYC Mayoral Election:
BLOOMBERG’s Got The Scene on Smash

the mayor and a bnunch of coconuts

NYC’s incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg was never actually in a campaign race for his re-election. The only possible competiton might have been JESUS CHRIST, but then you know J.C. isn’t going to get the jewish vote anyhoo. This is New York people. What has been incredible for me to see is the broad coalition of support that Mayor Bloomberg has from all precincts of the city.

You just knew that Bloomberg would have the rich Greedy Landgrabbing Developer demographic on lock. Behind that group follows the just as rich, Residential Rental Property Owners. Not too many surprises either when you poll the wealthy Upper Eastside Manhattanites or the nouveau wealthy Battery Park Transplants. Even though their lifestyles don’t appear to espouse wealth, the Gentrifying Hipster contingent and the Brooklyn Bohomo factions are clearly pro-Bloomberg. To add to this already powerful voting bloc you have the longtime NYC residents from the Bensonhurst, Howard Beach and Whitestone communites.

All of that was pretty much expected since the Mayor has made sure that property values continue to escalate. However, there was one coalition that supported the Mayor that has me slightly amused. WEST INDIANS FOR MAYOR BLOOMBERG. These folks have been known to vote against their own parents, siblings and children. For Mayor Bloomberg to have these people behind him he must really have this election in a wrizzap.

5 Responses to “2005 NYC Mayoral Election:
BLOOMBERG’s Got The Scene on Smash”

  1. p-city says:


    I shouldn’t be laughing… but I am.

    (You know that you’re gonna have to watch your back the next time you hail a gypsy cab.)

  2. Anita says:

    yOu are so crazy, can’t wait until you get your own TV show. It will have to be on cable.


  3. Hmmm says:

    So who should they suuport? Whom ever any fast talking reverend in a colorful zoot suit tells them to at the next fried chicken dinner? YOU folks already have that covered!

  4. p-city says:

    Wait a minute “Hmmm” –

    What the fu@% does “YOU folks” mean? (OK… well I know what it means. But look, I can say that about our African-American clergy. That doesn’t mean you can say it.)

    PS – How much will you charge for a ride from the Nostrand Ave A station to Grand Army Plaza?


  5. Hmmm says:

    Lol, whatever the charge is YOU’LL PAY IT! Right after you purchase something from the RICAN owned bodega next door to the DOMINICAN owned hair salon and KOREAN nail place across the street from the CHINESE dry cleaners – ALL IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!


    PS: “You Folks” just quoting Dallas :p

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