POLITRICKS 2008: Sex And The City’s Money…


This latest scandal might be the death knell for RUDOLPH GIULIANI’s political career. I won’t start my celebration until I see the body lying in state. There have been so many times during GIULIANI’s mayoralty where I thought the people with the big bucks that make the decisions would have buried his ass. Still he rises. Forget for a moment if you can September 11th, 2001. GIULIANI wants you to think of that moment overall because his final act as the mayor of New York City was the cruel and callous treatment that he subjected his family to.

GIULIANI wasn’t about to sacrifice his own pleasure out of respect for his family’s privacy or mental well-being. No wonder GIULIANI’s own daughter campaigns for OBAAMA. At least BARACK has the decency to keep his families private issues in the closet[ll]. When GIULIANI finally went public with the relationship he and his mistress had been having the city’s public coffers were short a half a million. This was just from the documented expenses that had been incurred providing services to the mayor’s head-mistress (puns always intended at DP Dot Com).

Rudy Giuliani Hid His Travel Expenses While Courting Judi

The mayor enjoyed a ridiculous level of privilege and entitlement that he used to splurge on those in his favorable inner circle. Between the unchecked power that he gave to Police Commissioner BERNARD KERIK and the cosmic credit card that he bestowed upon JUDITH NATHAN I’m not surprised now that the city didn’t have money to offer its police, fire and technical worker’s unions. Can you imagine the amount of debt America will assume with JUDIANI as the president?

What surprises me most is how come the vast majority of right wing voters that buy the GIULIANI 9-11 myth can still mitigate his obvious lack of family values. Add to that list now his subsequent lack of fiscal values. GIULIANI is poised to make the BUSH-CHENEY administration look downright honest by comparison. That fact should be a problem for all Americans. No matter what your political affiliation might be. I’ve waited for a long time for the wheels to fall off GIULIANI’s taxpayer leased limousine, but like I said in the opening sentence on this drop I won’t be happy until I finally know this tyrant is put down.

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  1. evan says:

    Oooohhweee Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. He doesn’t give a fuck. The campaign isn’t built on a concept, but a magical number that’s now entered the pychological realm. This ain’t Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land, this is the King with No Draws.

    I don’t see the conservatives electing a guy that philandered on the job and charges the city for it when they couldn’t even get our man out on the BJ tip. We’re gonna need video proof of McCain or Huckabee engaging in the gayest of orgies to rile the middle states up, lest we forget the oddities of electing Rudolph or #1 Mormon. Nothing phases folks anymore. Hillary would have to prove her hetero tendencies before anyone bats an eye at these nonsense prelims.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree. Juliani is a wild, wild bul. We already have a “king” in office now and we cannot afford to have another one. These cats are taking our rights as time progresses and are all out to get theirs without exception. This focus on 9-11 (which happened 6 years ago) and the war on terrorism and whatever unsubstantive bullshit these cats are preaching as major issues are just diversions from the real problems we face within our country.

  3. Grand Master says:

    “What surprises me most is how come the vast majority of right wing voters that buy the GIULIANI 9-11 myth can still mitigate his obvious lack of family values.”

    That’s because the Right Wing is NOT actually about values… but somehow errbody think that they are… they are about conservatism, which is a whole nother story. In the late-70s and early-80s, largely due to the actions of people like JERRY FALWELL and PAT ROBERTSON aka The Religious Right aka The Moral Majority bka The Furies, the concepts of political, social, and religious conservatism all got fused together. Hence RONALD REAGAN was supported as a “moral values” candidate during his election, and the idea of religious people as a voting bloc was first formed.

    Of course, this idea really quickly went off-track. I just finished reading this book, “God’s Politics”, by Jim Wallis, and there’s a chapter in there where he describes the shift, over a few months or maybe a year, in the Religious Right from supporting a candidate that they thought would be able to help society, to just supporting a candidate: Basically, religious involvement in politics went from saying “Ay, help us out here” to “Ay, we trust you to help us out.” And knowing how dirty most cats politick in the capital (and also capitOl), that whole sense of trust in the candidates that religious/morally-interested voters developed was a real bad look…

    That’s why I like Jim Wallis. He’s definitely a real strong Christian, but he doesn’t give an eff about REPUBLICANS (aka DARTH VADER in the FLESH) or DEMOCRATS (aka WILDIN OUT [no Nick Cannon]). He points to this idea of having a “consistent ethics” that’s expressed in every area of a person’s life – or a candidate’s politics. How can a Republican say that they are Pro-Life and anti-abortion, when they’re supporting Genocide in DARFUR, or crushing uprisings where the US has oil, human resources, or military interests (aka the 21st-century COLONIES)? Just not happening.

  4. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Adolph Guiliani aka Mooseolini AKA Flaming Asshole Dictator.
    He hates Blacks cause as a kid he was the nerd that pissed them off and made them kick his racist ass and when he power he paid them back with interest.
    Those in power don’t care about his politics, misdeeds, mental state, or his bent spirit. All they want and know they have in GUILIANI is a man without principles, ideals and a man who worships money, power and the ruling class. He is a man who will say yes to those people smoking cigars in the shadowy back rooms. He is a man who will kneel down to the puppet masters who will carry out anything they want anyway they want it and when they want it and exactly how they want it, without question, without a second thought, without any type of morality, pangs of consciousness, second thoughts or even a hint or shred of humanity, decency or kindness. He is the reincarnation of Nero, Caligula, Ceasar and all of those who believed in the absolute power of the state. His greed, ego and vanity and that cold hard stone that occupies the space where his heart should be makes him “The Most Electable” by the ruling power elite/ Ernie Paniccioli

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