If you didn’t read this story on the internets then you were spared the overwhelming sense of depression I am giving you now.

The man pictured ERVIN LUPOE was fired from his job so he decided to come to his home and terminate his entire family.

With no job and 5 kids, ‘better to end our lives,’ man wrote

There are no words I can think of to describe this man’s depravity or his cowardice. The children were beautiful. His wife was beautiful.

I am so sad for her that she bore this cowardly tyrant these wonderful children.





There will be a special place in hell for this man.

If he thought the suburban hell of home foreclosure was too much to bear I can’t wait until I get the chance to stick a pitchfork up his ass.

Shit looks sweet in the suburbs but I don’t get fooled by them fancy houses.

The devil lives in there.


20 Responses to “THE LUPOE FIASCO…”

  1. Angela says:

    Yeah when I saw this on the Post’s website this morning my day was instantly fawked. 🙁

  2. Pana says:

    Poor babies, poor mom. I even feel sorry for the father. For him to feel like this would be the answer is so sad. RIP.

  3. yeah man…..this was intense when i heard it…………………………..

  4. Kiana says:

    This is sad. I bumped heads with a coworker today because she placed more blame on Kaiser for laying off both of the parents instead of calling out the real monster. People don’t want to fathom a man doing this to his wife and kids, so it’s easier to blame an institution for these deaths, but the real boogeyman is Mr. Lupoe.

  5. Enigmatik says:

    True indeed, Dallas. Fuck that bitch-made neyuka…selfish asshole.

  6. the_dallas says:

    The effed up shit is that Kaiser Permanente(sp) gets the blowback press of people saying that it wasn’t their fault. Fuck Kaiser all day everyday.

    The truth is that this devil was going to do the devil’s work no matter who fired his ass. The earlier story about the dude in England merc’king his wife and this asshole Lupoe have a common thread – Facebook.

    The Lupoe family pics were from his Facebook page.

    Kaiser is killing people and so is Facebok.

  7. damn says:

    this is fucked!!

    to be real though, maybe its theraputic to spend the time calling dude an asshole but imo dude is just fucking crazy. FUCKING nuts. its not about evil. its about crazy.

  8. Kiana says:

    lmao DP, I’m with you on the eff Kaiser tip. Two doctors was throwing blows and barged into my mother’s hospital room when I was being born. My granny tried to get my moms to sue cuz I was born with a heart murmur, but moms was being nice. There’s probably no correlation, but we could’ve been paid!

    oh and leave facebook alone. It’s the newest tool of the Mafia. They will find you D!

  9. Candice says:

    Horrible. Absolutely Horrible.

  10. 40 says:

    Love or Money… Gotta ask yourself what you’re building your foundation with people on. Especially a significant other. I’m gonna go with Money on this family, because love ain’t gonna make you even sniff the notion that we’re all better off dead because they lost their jobs. This effed up economy got alot of people re-evaluating their lives now that money is getting tight and some people are seeing how fraudulent some of their existences really are. Everyone was living beyond their means, and the specter of that life being lost scared them more than life itself. Tough times are ahead, and you gotta ask yourself – Love or Money.

  11. Vee says:

    Many men have decided to abandon their families altogether when faced with no prospect for income and losing their homes. Killing the family altogether is not new either. Horrible yes, but not new. Apparently there’s a very similar case being investigated.

    The men who decided to stay are usually harshly judged by society. The many that brave being homeless undergo many attacks and are viewed with contempt for not being able to “man up.” I know some brothers who used to be applauded when everything was good making close to six figures but when the rug was pulled from under their feet; their manhood falls under attack. Their identities are called into question.

    Here’s a small detail I think many people reacting to this story overlooks. Lupoe wrote in the fax, “after a horrendous ordeal, my wife felt it better to end our lives” Now whether or not it is true is another thing, but the way the media is reporting the story is pretty typical.

    It is sad and tragic but I can’t judge the man or his wife. Some people can rise and overcome extreme harsh situations while other fall and crumble.

  12. the_dallas says:

    ^ You don’t have to admonish him because I will. It’s not like he lived alone with his wife and they held hands while jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

    You see these five kids he killed?

    Fuck his fax. That same fax could have been a job application or a request to save the most important people in his life.

    No, I say fuck him and may there be a special circle in the Inferne for him where I can visit to throw rocks at him.

  13. Combat Jack says:

    I read his wife was down with that shit too. Sadly, my uncle went through the same shit and murked his wife, his daughter and hisself. Shit was mad tragic!

  14. Vee says:

    OK, I’m just being a bit of a jerk here but . . .
    What if it was entirely her idea (as he indicated) and he simply did as she said?

    Now as far as alternatives. The parents should have sucked in their pride and leaned on the shoulders of the kids grandparents. Leave the kids with their grand parents and then go back home and . . .

  15. Vee says:

    Oh yeah, it is really hard to look at the kids.

  16. Gee says:

    Old boy had been accused of applying for fraudulent child care. The person he spoke with at the hospital where he and the wife were employed told him “he shoulda just blew his brains out instead of coming to work”. I read that they had both been fired from their jobs,too….

    I look at those babies and want to kick his arse myself…I am pissed that he deprived me of the opportunity to give those babies a better life, without his sorry ass…

  17. Aunt Jackie says:

    This if the fifth family in the past year that has had a murder suicide in LA!
    There is truly a problem here. Yesterday alone we had a suicide driver on the freeway and some crazy white chick stole a U-Haul and had a high speed chase.

    I think hell is the state of mind that man was already in. Hell is gruesome deed of blowing off children’s heads. It’s the mind state of a man who clearly wasn’t in good mental health, who fell off the deep end.

    I don’t wish him any thing worse than the life that he ended so tragically.

  18. Embry says:

    Yes it’s tragic what happened but, the headline “LUPOE FIASCO” is fuckin classic!

  19. Mark Dub says:

    Yo….I think his wife was involved with it too. I read that they had pulled the kids out of school a week before it happened, saying that they were moving to Kansas. If that’s the case, they were monsters, and while those kids inherit Heaven, whoever’s responsible will have their extra-crispy spot in Hell reserved.

  20. Oliver C says:

    Time and time again humans manage to truly eff things the hell up wherever, whatever situation. How any man could do what Ervin Lupoe did was hard to believe, sickening…

    Over on the other side of the world a few days later in Melbourne –

    People are losing their minds

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