Long Live The King…


Death is the only thing that we can’t reconcile with philosophy.

It is final and complete in its judgement.

Death ends the story forevermore.

My only advice is to read the book again.

To celebrate the lives of the loved ones we have lost.

Peace to JaiSlayer who sent me a message this week that his mother has passed away. J went through the fire to become the man, husband, and father that he is today. His mom got to see that transformation. I know that J will have a hard time processing his loss. The rush of emotion is so overwhelming. My heart goes out to him and his brother Jayson.

Peace to all the old Earths and the old Gods.

MICHAEL JACKSON’s death is numbing to me. I still haven’t even really heard the news yet. I still haven’t gotten the word. Maybe he is just on tour in some crazy place like Abu Dabi, or maybe he is visiting the U.S. space station? In some sort of sad prescience the Brooklyn Academy of Music is having an all night dance party and movie marathon featuring flicks like Friday, Mahoghany, Saturday Night Fever, Top Gun and The Wiz.

I’m going to take Chocolate Snowflake out Saturday night so we can enjoy The Wiz and get our dance on. If you are in Crooklyn you might could want to fall through BAM. Do like me and bring yourself a flask of whatever water you like to imbibe and celebrate the memory of a giant musical genius. The great thing about a movie theater is that in the dark you can cry without anyone noticing. Or you can cry in communion with others. I prefer the latter.

Beat It


Don’t Stop ‘Til U Get Enuff

Remember The Time

The Girl Is Mine featuring Paul McCartney

Say, Say, Say featuring Paul McCartney

Liberian Girl


Human Nature

Baby B Mine

U Rock My World

Workin’ Day-N-Nite

Billie Jean

OMG Internets Celeb Billy X. Sunday Bonus Beats

I told you this man was a genius. Listen to his ad-libs and melodies for Billie Jean. Incredible!

Billie Jean – A Cappella

Billie Jean – (studio demo session)

Aww Ish The DJ J.Period MJ Mixtape Tribute

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16 Responses to “Long Live The King…”

  1. VEe says:

    Fall back and celebrate the music. That’s pretty much what it is.

  2. HowfreshEats says:

    I could black out with this. The catalog is insane- and that’s without any Jackson 5 joints. That BAM joint sounds like a trip to BK is in store.

  3. Angela says:

    That Billy Jean a capella gives me chills. Good stuff, DP.

  4. mpcpadbanga says:

    that studio demo session is dope! crazy shit tho, fuck the haters

  5. DirtyJerz says:

    Last night, me, my girl, and XM Radio went into hyperbolic beastmode on Michael Jackson joints with the volume on full tilt. 2 hours passed and I thought for sure that the banging on my door would be the po-po, cuz my neighbors be on some bullshit most times. Turns out, it’s 4 of my neighbors, with a 1/2 gallon of Tito’s, ready to zone out with the kid and the wiz and my stockpile of cranberry juice & PopSecret (who knew we were having company?). That mighta prolly been the best time that I’ve had since I set foot in Chicago.

    Ask the hardest of hardrocks about Michael Jackson, and he will seriously go into MJ’s best moves and start belting out songs verbatim. 750 million ablums!?!?! who and what can possibly move the globe in that way?

    Jai and Jay, I don’t know you personally, and I can’t imagine what goes through your mind when you lose the woman that brought you into the world, but condolences to you both and your family.

  6. Jaislayer says:

    Thanks for the kind words, DP. My brother & I really appreciate you for taking the time to think about us. I’ll be in the NYC for a minute. I’ll give you a call later. Peace.

  7. mercilesz says:

    Amiri Baraka once wrote a poem that went like this:
    “If Elvis Presley is king
    what is James Brown? God?”
    Yesterday somebody else has been added to the pantheon.

  8. Lion XL says:

    No matter what feelings anyone may have about his lifestyle, no one can front on the fact that he was a genius, and one of (if not THE) greatest to ever do it!!!!!

    RIP MJ. Splish..splash..(has a drink with the homey)

  9. 1969 says:

    He was the greatest entertainer of my lifetime…period.

    I feel like I have lost a part of my childhood. Gone Too Soon indeed.

  10. 1969 says:

    My top MJ memories:

    The first 45 record I ever had was Ben.

    My favorite album of all time is Off The Wall.

    I remember waiting up till after Friday Night Videos to see Thriller and then being so afraid I watched most of it with my eyes covered.

    I had his poster on my wall. The one where he was rocking the yellow vest and the baby curl…old school.

    I remember seeing him Moonwalk on Motown 25 and thinking he was the coolest person EVER!!!!

    The first concert my mom went to was the Jackson 5 at Madison Square Garden in 1972.

    I remember studying all of the words to the songs on the Thriller album and arguing that MJ was better than Prince with my friends.

    I remember the middle of the Thriller album when he had the white suit on and was holding the baby tiger! He was sooo my boyfriend.

    I remember slow dancing to Human Nature at my Junior High school prom.

    I remember how dope that leather tuxedo was in the Billie Jean video and then he killed them again with the red leather jacket in Beat It.

    I remember the lean in Smooth Criminal……………

  11. Kiana says:

    My mother was telling me that she never went to a Michael concert because the tickets were always expensive. Then, one of the local LA reporters was saying last night that she saw MJ in concert in No. Cal for $5 when she was a teen. My mama was pissed! LOL…who didn’t love MJ? Dude was unbelievable. The radio for the next couple of days will be GREAT. My only hope is that the Game, Diddy, Polow da don tribute crap is not what takes over the airwaves. The ONLY person I want to here a tribute from is Stevie, Smokey, Diana Ross, Patti…basically nobody under 50.

  12. chief racka says:

    MJ’s ad libs and “heehee” and “shmon” were James Brown’s ad libs and grunts 2.0… It’s still hard to believe he’s gone.

  13. mercilesz says:

    chief u r so right….he emulated james to a t

  14. Combat Jack says:

    Michael Jackson = James Brown 2.0

  15. JP says:

    its funny nobody fucked wit mike for years (shouts to the culkin brothers), but now that he passed he’s the king again. he wasn’t even on the radio for the longest.

  16. En gros, le principal argument en faveur de la surface, c’est sa surface…

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