The Loudest Moment Of Silence…

mj motown

I didn’t watch the B.E.T. awards last night because I was on some protest of their programming. The truth is that I don’t have a cable or satellite account so I can’t watch anything on my television set, except for Star Wars movies and the DVD pr0n flicks my homegirl from Twitter sent me (shouts to @Diorcat).

Television is a fucking wasteland anyhoo. I get everything I want to consume via internets anyhoo so I don’t feel like I am missing anything. I certainly don’t think I would have been impressed by B.E.T.’s tribute to Michael Jackson. That shit would have needed to have Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle and the boss, Diana Ross on the hook. We all know that B.E.T. doesn’t have the caché (swag) to pull that shit off. This awards show is the network’s single biggest budget production. It’s cardboard behind the performers.

How are you doing to honor Michael Jackson properly without some reedonkey presentation? His brothers have to be involved, definitely Janet, but crazy ass LaToya, not so much. That is why I can’t fux with B.E.T. Shit is LaToya to MTV’s Janet. Vh-1 is Rebbie. Don’t sleep on Rebbie though, shge did have that hit ‘Centipede’. I’m glad that some of y’all enjoyed the B.E.T. awards. That way I know that we still have enough people to fill the country’s permanent underclass.

The general consensus that I gathered from Twitter is that Jay-Z has gotten his swag back by adding Drake-like hand moves to his stage presentation. That’s funny because what I have seen of Drake reminds me of how KanYe performs, but less energetic. So if Jay-Z is performing like a Drake stan then he must look like a really watered down KanYe West. I don’t know if any of you have been paying attention, but for the last few years Jay-Z has been jocking KanYe West swag from hairstyles, eyeglass frames to guest features on his albums. Someone is brodying their little brother no?

I just watched the Death Of Autotune video and I like the slick look. I like the smile that Jay-Z puts on when Harvey Keitel walks up to him. Even though D.O.A. isn’t for smiling how could you not smile when you are hanging with the ‘Bad Lieutenant’? Have you seen that film yet? Harvey Keitel plays a police so corrupt he makes Denzel Washington’s ‘Training Day’ character look like a saint. Great movie. Michael Jackson used to make these epic videos that were filled with a narrative of intrigue and spectacle. Anyone notice Lyor Cohen at the video clips intro opening the car door for Jay-Z? That should’a been you Dame Dash.

The story bubbling in the cut is how the Jackson family wanted Chris Brown to perform in the tribute but Jay-Z blocked that move. I personally don’t believe that Jay-Z has that kind of power behind the scenes on shit that doesn’t directly involve him and what the fuck does Jay-Z care about Chris Brown. I mean. lets get serious, Rihanna has been passed around so much that he can’t be in love with that thing. Meanwhile we have never seen BeYonce nekkid in the media except for that time in Elle (and I have a copy of that).

The overall truth that should have been apparent at the B.E.T. awards is that we are experiencing a dearth of talent within musical entertainment. There was a time when singers could really sing. They could act too. Singers now are more like models who are only built for still image shots. There’s cardboard behind these motherfuckers. These fools NEED autotune. R.I.P. to Michael Jackson for the rest of 2009 in my opinion. Listen to this studio track of Michael doing ‘Workin’ Day-N-Nite’ and tell me who in the game is capable of putting it down like this?


13 Responses to “The Loudest Moment Of Silence…”

  1. Polotron says:

    I hate to do it….but you asked: “tell me who in the game is capable of putting it down like this?”

    Um, Prince?


    Not to take anything away from Mikey but….I’d trade a Neverland-sized hill of Elephantman bones for 2 Vanitys, 1 Appollonia, and a Mayte.

  2. Kiana says:

    DP I’m ‘shamed to say I watched the entire show. I think the twitter commentary is what kept me watching cuz it was hilarious. The awards was definitely proof that musical craftsmanship is dead. Nobody respects the art or their audience.

  3. slumdog millionairess says:


    tho I have to cosign polotron on Prince.

    But that just proves your point anyway.

    pop music is dead.

  4. Grand Master says:

    Kiana: Twitter makes everything better, word. It’s like you are in the hoodest movie theater and everyone is screaming NAH MAN YOU STUPID when some dumb shit goes down.

    DP: I think you are right on with regards to jay jockin another man’s style… but more and more i am thinking it is not kanye and rather instead it is CHARLES HAMILTON. Look at sonn’s dusty hair and that lil “beard” and tell me it doesn’t remind you of sonic’s bum ass

  5. GM: you speak the truth. all he needed was a dirty ass pink shirt.

    I was actually thinking to myself “when is hov going to give dres from black sheep his hair back. All those millions and he can’t find a comb. Hair looks like a bunch of grapes as my mom used to say about her only son.

  6. the_dallas says:

    Jay-Z went nappy but stayed putting it together. Sonic will wear a t-shirt over a button down shirt and sport a hat he found in the garbage

  7. VEe says:

    “Singers now are more like models who are only built for still image shots”
    . . .

    “tell me who in the game is capable of putting it down like this?”
    . . . there are a number of recording artist, well performing artist that are just not in the pop culture matrix. They do their thing but only to a niche crowd. Yeah Prince definitely gets major props but I often think and check for those artist outside the public consciousness that can really sAng but gets no light and therefor no love.

  8. Excuse me for not licking Jay’s ball sack, again– not that ya’ll are either but the fucking hype machine elsewhere is untenable in the Ruck Down era. Also, RZA + Lebron destroys this (merely) slick horseshit–

    Prince is the true and livng King, of course, but did ya’ll ever see this?

    Fela, “Teacher Don’t Teach Me No Nonsense”–

    I’m speechless! (Except there’s more people onstage than even Wu Tang and all their weed carriers, hah.)

  9. Amadeo says:

    Someone else suggested it, but for real….the move would be (along with all the other star covers) to have Prince do Dirty Diana. Tell me that wouldn’t be the truth.

  10. Combat Jack says:

    Well, Jay-Z did invent “rap-hand”. The method he employs whilst performing.

  11. Yorubaboy says:

    Yea, Fela was another one of the greats. Up there with the Late great James Brown.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Hey Dallas, got the info in the mail today.

    BET awards were on some wack ish as usual. I watched it to check out the tribute and cringed pretty much during the whole entire show. Not sure why I expected anything different. Network should be taken completely off the air.

  13. Still think the lyrics and video are hot dogshit BUT the original– it’s not even a “sample,” it’s the whole fucking song, by Janko Nilovic– is a hell of a jam.

    Props to the crate diggers who KNEW, fuck ya’ll Jay and No I.D–

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