Sean Price Is Right…

price is right

props to ncberko for the photochop

I met up with Sean Price a few weeks ago to do a little grocery shopping. I thought that a play on the ‘Price Is Right’ theme would be funny. I didn’t think to myself as to whether this was some shit that Ruck had to hear from kids all of his life. Even though I have known this dude for over twenty years I realize now how little I know about him.

Sean Price is definitely a smart dude, but also a sensitive and considerate man [ll]. You don’t expect to connect those ideas with a hardcore rapper. I should be smarter than that. My father was one of the baddest motherfuckers I ever knew and he was also the most considerate and caring dudes I will ever meet. Sean Price is cut from a similar cloth.

I wanted to do a series of videos with Ruck (Sean P) to allow him to speak his mind. His recollections of growing up in the projects with a dysfunctional family are priceless. With all the things that would make any of us assume he was disadvantaged are where he lets us in and shows us how took that strife and made it work out for his gain.

The biggest credit that I have to give Sean Price is not about how well he rhymes, but about how hard he works. God gave him his mind. Sean P returns the blessing by putting in the constant work to get better as an emcee and as a man. His latest mixtape, Kimbo Price, was released today. I’m sure its available somewhere that you can help support his efforts.

Do that much for him. I’m sure he would do it for you.

Sean Price Is Right… from dallas penn on Vimeo.

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  1. mercilesz says:

    dude gotta learn how to cook real collards…im sorry. Wash em, soak em, use some pork….yup i sed it. swine. cook em 4 like 70 minutes…let em simmer…u good. thats 4 u P…but use ur smoked turkey man do u.

  2. the_dallas says:

    “use some pork….yup i sed it” = priceless

    Did you see what I just did? LOL

  3. mercilesz says:

    u crazy dallas…i was raised up in pathmark.

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    Pathmark is missed greatly.

    “Rappers eat” Ha!

    • Anisha says:

      Political Correctness is a bunch of BS….here is my favorite versions of summing up2Co230;&#8&30;P#“P8litical correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  5. 40 says:

    This is great. I seriously laughed out loud more than a few times (picking tin foil, “No Bruno” on the Vienna Sausages, and more). Respect to Sean P. One of the last of the Mohicans in the game. Was in the “Everything Is Heltah Skeltah” shoot and we had a whole convo about “Culture Cipher Drinkers”. Been love ever since. Consider Kimbo Price copped.

    Dallas, you and P gotta keep these going!

  6. the_dallas says:

    For all heads in Jersey, BK, Queens and Long Island, Pathmark is OUR grocery store.

    Especially Jerz heads

  7. 40 says:

    Pathmark Ice Tea Mix = GOAT OF POWDERED BEVERAGES (Non Kool-Aid Division)

  8. DirtyJerz says:

    Nah, D…I’m claimin P-Mark, B!, and yes 40, Pathmark Ice Tea Mix is most official, even the diet joint!

  9. DirtyJerz says:

    …and on a late nite, you might could run into a hot ass executive broad up in that piece…they don’t go to the club, but somehow they feel safe up in Pathmark.

  10. Tony Grands says:

    Thanks for schooling the L.A. cat, gents.

  11. I know DP is a Fairway crabmeats man but the Pathmark on 2nd Ave next to the Gowanus is the 24 hour realness party, for better and worse.

    Coney Island Pathmark at Cropsey by the Belt Pkwy is fucking INSANE, however– and a good way to redefine any about who and what are precisely “ghetto” (lotsa Russians and Pakistanis there too, among others).

    Gonna see if Basement Mix in ENY has “Kimbo Price” tomorrow, tho’ they’re not always up on underground releases.

    Co-sign mercilesz btw, save the cans for the fallout shelter!

  12. the_dallas says:

    Willis I see you. I wish Fairway would keep the crackhead hours that Pathmark does.

    You might’a been a PathMark champ but I am the GOAT lamb meats king as we speak.

    You remember Freeman skincare products. PathMark got them joints 50% off. Step your pineapple avocado facial mask peel game up suckas!

  13. DirtyJerz says:

    Word is Bawn, I’m not sure what kinda deal they got with General Mills, but where the fux else can you get sweet cereal and Pop Secret (Homestylee) at 2.00 a box?

    I love Chicago, but they gots the worse supermarkets in the world…’specially on the southside!

  14. KRASHONE says:

    yo my con yall crazy.the god told me about this…but i had no clue. l.m.b.a.o! p.s im at the house that ms. price bult to get some dam turky!! shiiittt yall herd my bro.”rappers eat”

  15. KRASHONE says:

    DirtyJerz Says:

    October 27th, 2009 at 10:21 pm
    …and on a late nite, you might could run into a hot ass executive broad up in that piece…they don’t go to the club, but somehow they feel safe up in Pathmark.
    yo i thought i was the only that peep that.!!

  16. KRASHONE says:

    40 Says:

    October 27th, 2009 at 10:05 pm
    Pathmark Ice Tea Mix = GOAT OF POWDERED BEVERAGES (Non Kool-Aid Division)
    word to big bird!!

  17. chea says:

    8 figga dream nicca but the figga is 4


  18. chea says:


    *straight face*



  19. Pathmark Steak and Stuffed Flounder>>>>>>>>>>any top tier 4 star restaurants in Atlanta……..ezillly

  20. Robbie says:

    This may be the greatest web video evah. Shit is brillo pad status.

  21. okay, okay says:

    that turkey is the come up tho

  22. BedStivy says:

    That was a touchin intro about SP right there. Glad I’m not the only one fortunate enough to know it. I gotta wait till later to watch the video, but I”m sure it will be great.

    • Marge says:

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    • Det lyder virkelig som om du og Rufus rigtigt hygger jer i sommerhuset. Skønt med sÃ¥dan en brændeovn – sÃ¥dan en ville jeg gerne have 😛 Godt at høre i mødes i Ever-klubben. Det er lidt pudsigt du lige skriver det nu for i fredags tænkte jeg pÃ¥ hvordan det mon gÃ¥r med Ever. God søndag til jer.

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  23. And Kimbo Price is amazing…and I don’t even use that word.

    Can you get SP to join us on the next SFU tour?

  24. just remembered I copped Biz Markie first album in Pathmark, well not cop, but I somehow ended up with it……………whutsupermarketfuckingwitthat

  25. Snoozum says:

    Kimbo and Casual!? That shit is gonna be filthy. Seen Cas a bunch of times, but never Sean. Doesn’t come to Sacramento much to perform, only to visit the fam I assume. This seems like it could be the beginning of a beautiful duo for the skiternets. CHEA! P!

  26. rek says:

    D P and Sean P?!? Classic!

  27. defferoni says:

    no stroganoff (II)

  28. YH says:

    Imitation smoked turkey

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