I Appreciate Y’all…


I wondered how I might post the final drop from this decade here on the site. Could I remember everyone that I needed to thank for keeping me from stepping off the ledge this year? I could never in a million years remember everybody. Sure there was Combat Jack, Casimir and Rafi that helped me realize my value extended past the obvious. See there, I already fuxed up by naming names. I can’t ignore Meka for making the decision to come to NYC on my advice. Now I wonder when N8 will reloc8?

I have to thank Bol for giving me something to read everyday. I h8 to admit it but I am still Scottie Pippen to his Air Jordan when blogging is concerned. Since we don’t technically play for the same team any longer[ll] I suppose I am the LeBron James to his Kobe Bryant (taking into consideration his inclination for white poon) I hope he doesn’t also have to get a rape charge like Bryant, but that is what the desire of the forbidden racial nectar can do to a brother.

Mentioning Bol makes me remember the homey Carl who held me down at the X-spot and eskay who got me in the door when no one else was fuxing with me like that for real. That is why I tell people that Nah’Right is the big co-sign. They see shit before it becomes a trend or a movement. That reminds me of UnKut and RockTheDub, who both do more for Hip-Hop culture everyday than places like AllHipHop or SOHH (no offense meant, but, yeah).

And how do I thank ALL of you folks that check in with me during your daily routines, on the grizzly, at school, at home, wherever you do your DP.com thing. I appreciate y’all. This page is really yours. I just pay the bandwidth and edit the updates. Y’all truly own this page. SlumB, Grand$ and $yk. Thanks for following me on my exodus from the X-spot. Amadeo, Candice and WWIB. Thank y’all for sticking around even though I don’t nearly leave my IP fingerprints on your pages as much as I should.

Where the hell is that old ass curmudgeon Ernie Paniccioli?!?

Thank you to my sisters from ProperTalks and my longtime leftcoast love Mz.Ahmad. I really appreciate you ladies too much to mention. Thank you for fuxing with me. ADB. Thank you. LM, Christian, Tiffany, Peter, AntWill, Jerz and Gee. I SEE y’all (true confessions… I loved that Avatar shit – lol). JaiSlayer and my lil’ homey Ba’ySlayer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my brother. You are my real life hero.

I can’t make this drop about individuals however because I will surely forget to mention someone who I consider crucial to this website. We are a group of diverse people with all sorts of backgrounds that found each other however it happened. I love to tell people that the world is a huge place, but the folks that operate under the same sine-cosine frequency is the smaller community of inter-connected networks. Y’all are truly the internets. And that is why I appreciate y’all.

Happy New Year.

41 Responses to “I Appreciate Y’all…”

  1. Tony Grands says:

    All love, all day, professor! This you know. Real talk, you inspire me, & you co-signed me, two invaluable things which I can only pass on, as I should…’Preciate it.

    Happy happy to you, yours, us, & them.

  2. Ernest J. Paniccioli says:

    The ol azz curdmugeon is in da morhtha forkhanying house. Much love to you. I read your blog twice a day, every day (that means I have way too much time and might need a girlfriend or two)
    Now it is time to rate your bullshit site: Hold on here goes, unbiased:
    Scope and range from the cool and sublime to the simply sub-lime 99%
    Openness in sharing your emotions 99%
    Exposing new and good (not always the same thing) 90%
    Visual imagery 95%
    Sneakers and sports (way too much for me) 98%
    Racial Predudice (Shorty Whitebread does not get enough drops) 80%
    T&A (could always use more) 70%
    VIdeos with Rafi (could use much more) 99%
    And you just being you with your sorry ass bullsheet (100%)
    Ernie P.

  3. LM says:

    De nada, and thank you many, many times over. Here’s to a great 2010.

  4. rafi says:

    Happy New Year’s to Dallas and the DP Family!

  5. Kiana says:

    Nothing but love here and lol @ernie! Happy New Years y’all!

  6. Robbie says:

    Long may the Evil Genius of Blogging reign supreme…

  7. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    Real talk, naw my dude.


    Son you helped me in ways you could never imagine. None of that pause sh*t needed.

    I’m off to Pasadena(Rose Bowl. Oregon BETTER win LOL) in a couple of hours. Rest up people we have work to do in MMX.


  8. Jamal7Mile says:

    Happy New Year, Dallas!

    You know I’m forever thankful for the shout-out and support you published for me when I was about to start my state sponsored 30-day sit-down in County. That was beyond dope!

    Looking forward to more DP drops in Twenty-Ten!


  9. mrkamoji says:

    Keep it up and be great in 2010; People are still waiting on the book, not just the videos!

  10. Slumbilical says:

    Rap is 50 percent fronting. I’m the best, I’m the flyest, I’m the richest, I fucked ur baby mama. What I love about Dallas is that this brother turns that whole model on its head and goes in on a total honesty, full-disclosure tip, day after day. He is a phenomenally talented writer and he fucking gets it. He just does. He cuts through the bull-hish. Dallas, I salute you for being the realest dude I know and being wickedly fucking good at what you do. May Allah bless you in 2010 and forever, in all your endeavors. PEACE! And much love to ya (c) lupe.

  11. Ernest J. Paniccioli says:

    May I humbly co-sign SLUMBILICAL ?

    Dallas and my morning coffee gets my day going and unlike the bs news with DP you never know where he is going to go or how he is going to get there.
    Love ya Bro. (II).

  12. Amadeo says:

    Keep doing it and I’ll keep checking it out.

  13. el capitan says:

    Nothing to say just DPFTW

  14. gstatty says:

    more videos of you and sean p breaking down the nutritional values on food packaging plz, and thx for keeping it rilly rill, every time i peep your site at work, its like visiting a familiar friend and i tell myself, lets see what “chea” is up to today, cosign Robbie, big up & respect for dub-ten DP.

  15. Grand Master says:

    thumbs up. til 2kInfinity, dp dot comm is the truth.

    ride it til the wheels fall off, big homey

  16. Jaislayer says:

    Dallas thank you for the kind words. Thanks you for the great drops here at dP dot com. You are great at what you do my man, you are truly appreciated. 09′ was a rough year for ya boy, and I appreciate the support & advice you gave me when things were rough over here. Keep doing ya thing, we are not getting older, we getting better. To the entire dP dot com family, everyone who stops thru here; I wish u all the best for 2010 & forever. Stay thirsty my friends. Peace.

  17. khal says:

    thank YOU, Dallas, not only for the kind words, but for the random gems you drop via snail mail. and for your words and just being YOU! always kicking the truth.

    shouts to all of you.

  18. Yooj‽ says:

    happy new… The Ay’0 is yours..

  19. Slumbilical says:

    I own her heart, and her mind, and the shirt she slept in (c) Drake.

    DP that was for you homie, I know you love how I bring that nahright shwag in here and drop those utterly irrelevant comments…chea!

  20. Slumbilical says:

    “You are appreciated…” (c) pac

  21. john says:

    Dallas, the INTERNETS love you as much as you love the INTERNETS. Onward to another year. CHEA!

  22. ovid bowsprit says:

    Just keep doing your thing.

  23. Guds says:

    We apprciate you big bro!!!

  24. Tony says:

    Consistently, this place is where I come to learn about the real spirit of New York, Hip-hop and modern American thought.

    Happy New Year Dallas.

  25. aw.
    that tugged on the heart strings.

  26. ADB says:

    Happy New Year DP, hope its a good one for you.

  27. bananaclipse says:

    DP gets me thru these boring retarded work days. and life days.

  28. Johnny Sagan says:

    I’m with Ernie–I check DP.com at LEAST twice a day even though I have Google Reader! Why?!? Because when Dallas posts it’s some of the best reading on the whole damn net. And I read and appreciate the comments, too, so big upeach and every one of yourselves. Keep doing your thing Dally Ranx, sky’s the limit!

    Yours Truly,

    Johnny Sagan

  29. Smear says:

    Happy New Years Champ!

  30. 911 says:

    Salute my g, I’m happy I made the liner notes. When all the bullshit is cleared aside, your words and this web(log) will remain, if not on protocols than in synapses whenever something Dallas Penn’d is thought of…

    One love, homie.

  31. Dart_Adams says:

    Happy New Year, Dallas!


  32. LM says:

    Yeah, I like how Slumbilical put it.

  33. Candice says:

    Same to you DP. Wishing you much love, success and prosperity for 2010.

  34. sublimeandcoke says:

    love love love this site. its my daily fix. tried to check it at work, and they banned the site and recorded my ip address. LOL

    the writing is sooo real. it bypasses all the BS and goes directly to your soul.

    never stop yo… never stop.

  35. 6 100 says:

    99% true

    But not to be a dick… But the decade ends with 2010, not 2009. When you count your fingers, the first finger is 1, the last finger is the 10th.

    Just a common thing that irks me every 10 years

  36. BIGNAT says:

    i finally released the bottle to check out the udates after a couple days. dp you the man i post links of your articles i like on my facebook. i send them to my peoples who i could actually debate with on what is being said in the post. you are crazy a combonation of teacher and student. which is why you stay so fresh good luck in the new year. to you to everyone who comes on here and add there 2 cents. friday night i was watching black dynamite again i think everyone needs that movie in there life.

  37. atifl says:

    happy new year DP!! hope the years prosperous for you. i know for sure i’ll check out the site daily as usual this year.

  38. Polotron says:

    Shockwave, happy DubDime!

    Hail Meg!!

  39. DirtyJerz says:

    Word Is Bawn! Happy New Year internets! Not only do I check daily for the post, but cats that comment on the reg – PTron, Nattiez, CJ, 40, TGrand$, GrandMaster, Ernie, SlumB, nerditry, WWIB, Jai, How Fresh, Amadeo, ProperTalks,Raf, Mo… etc., etc.
    Yallz some fools!,
    I’m fresh back from the Dallas TX vaycay. no iPhone. no laptop. no internets. just strictly runnin’ thru outlets, discounts stores and sneakershops all over the city with papes saved up for that purpose. nice way to start off the new Year!

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