Hip-Hop’s State Of The Union…


Bucktown’s General Steele for president…

Off the album ‘Amerikkka’s Nightmare2’ dropping the day after President’s Day (Feb. 23)

General Steele – ‘State Of The Union Address’

4 Responses to “Hip-Hop’s State Of The Union…”

  1. Slumbilical says:

    On the [ll]ow, Barack Hussein is a wonderfully handsome blackman.

  2. 6 100 says:

    I think barry warrants a BMMOT[||] profile

  3. Steele! Ain’t lost a step with the verbalistics…mixed thoughts about BO’s SOTUA…


    Delayed props $ykotic for breaking it down on Wu the other day; I’ve been on the road and could barely get on internet to post the first time, let alone follow up. I’m afraid GZA is physically diminished as an mc, mostly (exception: FUCK THE PAPER verse on “Stick Me For My Riches”) but if dude gets his wind and energy back… his pen is still sharp. If there’s a weak link these days it might be Mef, who doesn’t seem to have fully recovered from the “Tical O” debacle; true, be brings it live consistently but I think he’s capable of more/weirder (in Doom or Mos sense, say) than he’s often shown.

    As for Steele (and Tek), while “Dah Shinin'” beats are among the best ever, they just get nicer– as with Mr. Price, all their official solo mixtapes avail thru Duck Down are very good or better.

    Don’t Sleep!


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