The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…

afghan marine

Peace to the troops in Afghanistan.

I was on my weekend hunt for footwear comeups at my usual haunts… V.I.M.’s, Dr.Jay’s, Marshalls and A.J. Wright. I have been going in at A.J.Wright pretty hardbody over the last few months. I feel like I comeup over there the most often with the best deals. Sometimes the deal is almost a steal.

I returned some joints that I had copped from the Massapequa A.J.Wright to their Brooklyn store on Flatbush Avenue. I paid $15 for these adidas TS Creator joints in a Dr.Doom green. They were a size 11.5 but they were only $15 so I had to copp them. When I tried them on at again at home I knew I had to return them.

derrick rose

For me and adidas, 11.5 is a snug fit, although Nike 11.5 is also a tight pinch on my pinky toes. The kicks were so fresh I h8’d to part with them, adidas boycott notwithstanding but I’m glad I gave them up on this day. A.J.Wright has been selling these armageddon-proof Timberlands for cheap and the markdowns have been flowing.

Their initial price was $50 at the holidays and that was a great price for some boots that can take a serious beatdown like these joints. When I got back up top from Atlanta I saw that the price point had dipped to $32 and there was still a good number of them remaining in the store. I decided to wait out the next round of markdowns. Wham!(no George Michaels in the military), the next markdown took effect – $21.

I was lucky enough to copp the last pair but they are a size 13/13.5 so this means I will have to swap them out for a smaller size at another store if they haven’t sold out already. These joints are in the camo colorway that our troops are fuxing with right now. Shit is called Coyote Camo. Fully waterproof laceups for $21 and I’m amped for the next snowstorm to get it in with these joints.

afghan marine

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  1. Tony Grands says:

    Is 9.5 still the “average” shoe size?

  2. getthesenets says:

    I’m not a big sneaker head but these boots are HARD.

    I had a personal boycott on Timbs for over 10 years, which I just recently lifted.. cause they partnered up with Clef and Yele.

    These are the desert force timbs….

    yo, do you have a front view…….?

    the only thing that kept me from getting this style of boot is that the front part may look funny….. which would limit what I could rock with them.

  3. 40 says:

    If they’re more 13.5 than 13 I can fox with them…

  4. Slumbilical says:

    Wham!(no George Michaels in the military)



  5. Them boots are right. I would’ve made the exchange too…

  6. getthesenets says:


    what are the bot prices like in ATL and surrounding area. Reason why I ask is….tri state has been rocking timbs heavy since about 88, but until the BCC came out …lot of other places weren’t really into Timbs like that…..

    so at the army surplus type stores…..hunting/camping places…..they used to sell them at regular prices….until black moon came out and other places started rocking them heavy…

    Never saw ATL as being into boots, and everything is cheaper down there anyway ….thought maybe you could find them for 18 bones down there..


    about the boycott………… a new york times article about Timberland company( real article….no rumor) in like 92-93 and didn’t like some of the quotes from jeff schwartz, the president……seemed like he didn’t value the money that young black kids were putting in his pocket .

    refound the article on nyt website years ago and printed it out.

  7. 6 100 says:


    I might have to boycott Timbaland, now. I don’t support anything Wyclef does. Duke is a straight-up scumbag. No disrepect, though

  8. getthesenets says:

    6 100,

    No Doubt…o disrespect taken,
    I understand your views.

    Paper trail says that yele money paid for his studio’s rent and other unexplainable things. You can’t blame an accountant for some of these things….

    I know some people who won’t F with Clef because of that.

    and he never owned up to it……..tears at a press conference don’t hide the fact that he never owned up to it .

    Any Haitian person you know who doesn’t acknowledge that is FRONTING….

    nobody (willingly)donated their heard earned money to pay clef’s bills. he lost doing that shit.

    now….having said that….I think he’s gonna be instrumental in the recovery effort…..and I’m in terms of ACTUALLY helping Haiti help itself…..replanting is one of the more crucial long term ways to help
    my take and viewpoint might be different from yours….it’s all gourde

  9. getthesenets says:

    oh and 6 100

    if you’re gonna boycott “timbaland” do it because he’s big swoll fat roided up cornball…..who USED to make hot beats….


  10. BIGNAT says:

    dp thanks for the tip i was going check out aj wright on saturday i may have to go tomorrow i want them joints. if find them 13.5 that would be perfect that style of tim looks like it’s a tight fit

  11. getthesenets says:


    you may not have to return them…

    if you’re between a 11.5 and a 12 [] , you can still xuf with these boots…..

    check the inside of the box, they have some custom fit system or some shit…..

  12. the_dallas says:

    Yo what up internets?

  13. Where’s that footage of 2nite’s shingdig?


  14. the_dallas says:

    Here it go in 3, 2, 1…

  15. the_dallas says:

    I’m at the 9-2-5 so I ain’t gonna have a chance to go in until I get back to the lab 2nite.

    Def fux with Miss Info because she has a mini-recap from the showcase

  16. fosterakahunter says:

    A.J. Wright and the corporate sister, Marshalls’s are the spots at least twice a month for copping some very reasonably priced joints. You may have to walk ’em out without a box, but really, who gives a fux? Check it; Nike blue Foamdomes, sz 10, which retail right now for $225, are less than 50 bones at Marshall’s. While supplies last.

  17. Mark Dub says:

    Yo…those boots are SUPER-official. Just Damn at Clef’s Yele shenannigans, but yeah…he’s been shady for a minute so I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past him. Watch duke fux around and wins a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts with Haiti.

  18. BIGNAT says:

    Miss info site claims alot of people were pissy drunk who was the first one to try and scoop her ass up?

  19. getthesenets says:

    pdf file of the tbl force multiplier series

    from an australian site

    these boots shit on the elements and on every other boot.

  20. the_dallas says:

    Two things will be around after armageddon…

    Cockroaches and Timberlands.

  21. getthesenets says:


    A few years ago, I came sideways at you on the blog over a few issues.
    Allow me to apologize.

    Regardless of what my beef with the company was..your blog really isn’t the forum for my vendetta against something.

    Had personal experience with sneaker merchants in Jersey just blatantly being disrespectful to customers….and the quotes from Schwartz in the article seemed to the same thing…

    any old school head who knows about Universal and Bun-Als on Market St. in Newark might feel me. I stopped shopping at both of those spots after guy behind the counter showed me disrespect.

    I rejected Schwartz’ public stance that having the shoes tied to fashion trends would drive away the core consumers.


    Your points about Timb. being environmentally conscious before it became trendy,etc were on point.

    The partnership they have with Clef makes boots from recycled material and most importantly…….they aren’t just presenting BIG oversized checks to people(photo op)…the program they had was about replanting trees in Haiti which strikes at the heart of one of the biggest long term challenges the country has.

    I respect it.

  22. the_dallas says:

    You just blew my mind [ll].

    I have a drop sched for later today that speaks exactly to this subject. Apology accepted and funny too that I don’t even remember the “beef”. Its good to let off steam on the ‘nets from time to time.

    Back to Timberland… This is one of the companies that I can say has been in the front of an idea called ‘Compassionate Capitalism’. They have a firm idea of how we are all connected to one another on this rock.

    But fux that save the Earth shit.

    At the end of the day, Timberland makes GREAT products. That’s what America USED to stand for.

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