Complex mag’s deputy editor BFred asked a few bloggers what their take was on Eminem’s latest leaked album single – ‘Not Afraid’…

Anthem music x Eminem = Antheminem.

Eminem is the emo rap king, hands down. This song is the ‘Lose Yourself’ 2010 version. Get a ticket to Giants Stadium and get your lighters out. This song will be marching music for every loser this summer. It ain’t my bag, but this shit is gonna be big. Huge. Colossal.

Eminem – ‘Not Afraid’

9 Responses to “Antheminem…”

  1. DirtyJerz says:

    Word Is Bawn!

    Because I’m not fan of Em’s Ibbity-Bibbity style, I wanted to hate this joint. but after hearing it on Eminem Radio (which is not just Shade45, but every hip hop station on XM)for the 10th time today, this song is gonna be a monster, and I like it. It has a Maino “All the Above” anthem feel to it which made me initially hate it even more, but it only took a half a day to grow on me.


    Yo, it’s been a while since I touched these internets, so I’ma double back to some of these posts.

  2. Wow this sounds like a beat drake passed on, and a hook he wrote and threw away…

    Thanks, but no thanks. this song is softer than my next door neighbors.

  3. I like “Relapse” A LOT more; “808s” too, truth be told. Chorus is as noxious as Rhianna and Alicia Keys combined, which is saying something BUT…

    Why say more because it’s somewhat hard to give a shit, really.

    I do find myself agitated about that– uh-oh?– ** GIGANTIC ** fucking oil spill about to hit Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta.

    I had a feeling from the start it was being downplayed by BP oil and someone in the Obama Admin, since he was jerking us off a few months ago about opening up waters to offshore drilling.

    Credit to the Coast Guard and whoever else down there said NO, this is gonna be really really REALLY fucked up.

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    This sh*t that’s REALLY funny is dudes belly aching on about how they weren’t considered to be one of the “Tastemakers” to weigh in on this song.

  5. The song is better than I thought it would be.

    Kudos to DP for being recognized for who/what he is. That’s what’s up.

  6. fosterakahunter says:

    Who gives a fux (DP.lingo) about this joint? Slug from Atmosphere is harder now (and that’s not meant as a dis to Slug.) MARCBERG!

  7. @fosterakahunter

    Funny thing soon as i played that joint, i had to cleanse myself of the wackness and i immediately dropped “Pop” off of Marcberg.

  8. $yk says:

    I see the choir performance @ the Grammy’s..

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