Make Love Not War Machine…

war machine

Let’s keep things 100-1000 over here whether we are talking about the real world or the Marvel Universe. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes was the luckiest man on the planet. He moved up thru the ranks of the military without having his arse shot off and then when he saw the opportunity to join the private sector he winds up working for the richest man in America.

Rhodey carried weed for Tony Stark. Back then in the 1980’s when all them rich fools was doing blow and fuxing wild hot broads Tony Stark was not immune to excess. He needed more than just a limousine driver, he needed someone to score his ass some vials of crack and some hos. That is how Rhodey got on in the game.

war machine

Peep Rhodey’s down ass haircut.

Back in the day we called that style of boxcut ‘steps’ for the change in levels.

3 x dope

Most people now come to associate that style as the ‘Philly flattop’ made popular by E.S.T. and the group 3(x)Dope.

war machine

When Tony Stark cracked out for a time and had to go to undercover rehab he let Rhodey come up all the way in the game and rock his own version of the Mark IV Iron Man armor.

With great power comes great responsibility and with the Rolodex of a billionaire comes a grip of sweet white vajeans.

war machine
war machine

Rhodey was getting caught up beating out the brains of Tony Stark’s sloppy seconds.

At first he tried to act like it wasn’t the right thing to do, but ask yourself if you would deny the pleasure of holding on to some milky tops? Exactly.

war machine

That’s when Tony Stark had to pull the plug on all of that Black bullshit. Plus Rhodey had forgot his foremost job requirement – roll that weed bitch!

Tony Stark don’t play that shit and he sent Rhodey on his way butter ass nekkid into the streets.

The moral of the story is to stay rolling that weed nice and tight and leave the weed owner’s bitches alone.

war machine

13 Responses to “Make Love Not War Machine…”

  1. Hilarious & educational.

  2. E.S.T. aka Da Acknicalous One aka “The Greastest Man Alive.”

  3. Dope… the new war machine kinda looks like a scaled down gundam.

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    Speakin’ of War Machines, I caught the last 3 Marvel Legends Ultimate War Machine figures on clearance @ Walmart, better known to Bentonvillains as Wally World. Uncle Dirty Jerz is now the most official to his nephew. Little does he know that the other 2 are for big uncle’s fanboy stockade.

    Also, little does he know is that tomorrow I’ll be @ the other 7 Walmarts in the 3 mile radius to clear them out for my eBay dope-boy hustle.


  5. $yk says:

    I got the OG Kush ready for this movie.

    smdh @ Johan Santana (n).

  6. BIGNAT says:

    tham you jerz you hoarder i hope i live no where near you

  7. DirtyJerz says:


    Nat, lemme find out you drunk-commentin’ in the middle of the day, son!
    yes, i’m a hoarder, but i’m a ocd neat freak too! lolz

  8. the_dallas says:

    Real talk is that I got a tad bit jelly when Jerz said he caught them joints on clearance. I just considered flying down to Bentonville in a rush to beat Jerz to the toy racks.

    Fine, I’m not going to do that, but I definitely considered it.

    See if you can come up on the Heroes Reborn Iron Man which is also part of that pack that War Machine was included in. That jawn is madd hard to find

  9. BIGNAT says:

    nah actually i am sick i don’t know woke up on saturday i felt like crap. i had a fever felt like it was over 100 outside to me even when the sun went down. sunday i felt better then today i woke up late for work. head pounding nose running called boss man and told him i will try tomorrow.

  10. BIGNAT says:

    dallas where is the post on the memphis sb’s

  11. BIGNAT says:

    i mean memphis belle sb’s i am sure i am late but i just saw a story about them

  12. john says:

    on the real though, the 12 issue series recently, with rhodes integrating all types of tech into his system, while rolling with kerry washington and stringer from the wire?

    Pure ILLNESS

    even ares had to give him his props

  13. Mark Dub says:

    ^^^ @ John. That lil War Machine series was nice. I like how he was the Iron Man that didn’t have to play fair, or by ANYONE else’s rules. That shit was dope.

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