NYPD Has Got The Wrong Profile…

police stop

A report just released by a Columbia Law School professor shows that an overwhelming number of street stops in the New York Police Department’s ‘Stop and Frisk’ initiative have been unjustifiable. The report indicates that police had no mitigating factors for these stops other than the fact that the area they were patrolling is considered ‘high crime’. These areas are also mainly populated with Black folks.

It’s easy to say that the police are simply doing their jobs except we also get the news report that the murder rate in NYC is skyrocketing. So who are these police stopping and frisking since it obviously isn’t the bad guys who are hell bent on killing people? The police are busy frisking the kids with sagging pants. No Morehouse to that disclosure, just in case. Kids who wear their pants below their underwear are labeled as criminals meanwhile it’s the criminals who are keeping their pants up to hide their semi-automatic handguns.

police stop

I agree that it’s unfair to profile saggy pants kids as thugs just because you disagree with their sartorial style and their musical tastes especially when there has to be some murderers out there listening to the best of Kenny G’s jazz standards and wearing gabardine trousers. So as a public service for anyone out there reading DP.com and living in a Black, er ‘high crime’ neighborhood I am offering the five things you should do when stopped on the street by police…

1) Place Your Hands Where Their Eyes Can See (thank you Bussa Bus)
2) Speak slowly (retards are rarely arrested)
3) Where your pants above your waist (see #2)
4) Us the word ‘sir’ even when the officer is a female
5) Don’t be Black

police stop

7 Responses to “NYPD Has Got The Wrong Profile…”

  1. Amadeo says:

    For some reason this made me think of Christian Bale in American Psycho running down his view on Huey Lewis and the News….right before chopping a dude up.

  2. sYk says:

    5) Don’t be Black

    ^ * looks for bleach *

  3. rolf haggis says:

    you forgot “get a white friend”

  4. atifl says:

    we got the same shit happening in london, the police’s stop and search under the terrorism act 2000 in the last year has led to 0, yes 0 arrests. Races mainly affected by this asian (south asian) and black males. some ol’ bullshit right there

  5. SIC says:

    Black, white and spanish cops are all the same in NY. Fuck them all.

  6. BIGNAT says:

    cops suck unless your in vegas. if your drunk on the street. they say can we help you get a cab to take you to your hotel. if it’s not to far we will give you a ride (sniff sniff) i got a little dust in my eye. vegas is a magical place where the bitches are horny and drunk before 10am. cops help you to your hotel and outside of the strip things get even more wild. i can’t wait to go back

  7. VEe! says:

    Uhmmm . . .
    and just make sure you have some kind of valid identification on you.

    @atifl, Yeah, I peeped the report from the BBC.

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