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Tomorrow will be the 1st Saturday event at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

You know how much I love these events. And since it’s the February 1st Saturday I will be doing it real big and popping several tags. On my calendar I consider February to be the first half of my Black History celebrations. I conclude Black History in August with HarlemWeek, bit that’s a whole ‘nother drop.

I’m laying out the ‘fit for the 1st Saturday and it is official lifestyle on the ‘Lo [ll]. Nothing too crazy, but just for the heads that recognize.


Inner Layer – Union shirt


Base Layer – Polo Country zip neck pullover
The elbow pads and inner-stitching details are churchtastic.


Intermediate Layer – lambskin suede button down
I am the Marshall’s come up champ.


Outer Layer – Silk/Linen shawl cardigan
My bad if y’all seen this I.T. already.

And then I decided to top off this ‘fit with something from the DP vintage archives…



8 Responses to “Museum Quality Lifestyle…”

  1. KRASHONE says: guy!!!

  2. Jaislayer says:

    “Fresh dressed like a million bucks” Official Lifestyle make you feel like that. I may need to check your eBay page for some of that vintage size L or XL. Peace.

  3. Ernie Battle King P. says:

    Enjoy the Museum and all the art work and stunting lames, but you missed the 1st Digital Hip Hop Battle, sorry G, you did not need Conzo to rock it.
    I dedicate this to you, and and all the other alleged “Hip Hop Journalists;

  4. fosterkakhunter says:

    That would be dope if we made the McMurdo in that colour. Imma show that to somebody.

  5. fosterkakhunter says:

    That lambskin joint is the truth!

  6. sean p 4real says:

    mike brady fucked alice in the den marsha has pubic hair in her braces from sucking high school dick when ru paul farts it sounds like the andy griffin show wyclef eats rice and beans wit Guantanamera wheres waldo

    that is all

  7. sean p 4real says:

    troop sneakers are owned by lakim shabazz

  8. LowBallz says:

    All on sale . You gotta dig for the goodies when u go to Marshalls . Nice pickings

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