The QUEEN BEE Saga pt.3

mama's got a gun!
I was listening to the STAR & BUC WILD show when I heard the classic MARY J. BLIGE song, ‘I Can Love You’. Do you remember LIL’ KIM’s lyrics, because they are pretty hardcore and emotional. I just listened by accident to her verse that went, “Under pressure, I lie for ya, die for ya, prove it by the sty here, right in my eye here”.

After that I got a little emotional myself. I have poked fun at QUEEN BEE’s excessive rhinoplasty and I have even alluded to possible intravenous narcotic use because her hands were ridiculously puffy and swollen. I realize now that I owe LIL’ KIM my sincerest apologies because she actually ‘kept it real’. She perjured herself to help her boyfriend and now she is about to put on the same jumpsuit that Martha Stewart wore. I doubt that it will be designed by Versace. As a small tribute to the QUEEN BEE I have attached the link for her lyrics
to the remix of ‘B.I.G. Momma Thang‘. Ladies, please study the first two bars.

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