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New York City has become just like that rich bitch JOAN RIVERS. From a far off distance she looks downright fuckable, but when you are inside of it you realize that everything ain’t what it’s made up to be. New York City might be as old as she is too.

Just like every major American metropolis NYC has seen a tremendous upswing in luxury residential development. I can understand seeing this in areas and neighborhoods that have always supported that construction, but to see it in the ‘hood is somewhat shocking and offensive. I’m not offended by the new development because the ‘hood is always the last on the pecking order for receiving an influx of capital projects renewal cash. What pisses me off is the use of the word ‘luxury’ for a property that is outfitted with the minimum required habitable amenities.


It’s like folks in the ‘hood don’t know any better. What they do know is that it wasn’t until children of privilege started buying up property that the sanitation department started making bi-weekly visits. And it wasn’t until the children of privilege moved in that the grocery store started selling milk that hadn’t expired last month. Including that nasty azz soy milk. And the ‘hood knows that it wasn’t until the children of privilege moved onto the block that the police finally started walking the beat.

The ‘hood payed as much taxes as anyone before the center city’s ‘revitalization’ began. The taxes that are associated with lousy city services, low grade consumer goods and half azzed supermarkets. Now the city is telling the ‘hood to pack up their bags again if they can’t take the weight of this new development. I am all for new development, but how about letting me develop some small businesses with affordable commercial space? How about letting me develop some skilled workers with training centers that teach long term construction skills like welding, millworking, carpentry and plumbing?

We will need people that can service all these luxury residences as opposed to more clueless, skillless, jobless, homeless people standing outside of these high rises living out of garbage bags on the sidewalks.

I’m just sayin’.

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  1. Nigeria says:

    That same shit is happening here in London as well. I’ve lived in the same neighbourhood all my life, 20 years, and the first time I saw a police officer on foot patrol was 5 years ago. It was at this same exact period the local government authority decided that after many decades of physical and economic deterioration they would regenerate our area. Most of the citizens didn’t mind and saw advantages to this new situation but what we have slowly discovered is shocking and disturbing.

    The local autority is deliberatelyremoving services such as corridor lighting and working elevators to force out the original incumbents. Sometimes it gets real dark here and there are a couple old people living on the estate still, how are they supposed to be able to see if the corridor lighting is not switched on. Residents who voluntarily leave through these criminal means would not be entitled to compensation. These unreasonable measures have been a great success and many people have left. Meanwhile the council has been trying to make it harder for our own people to purchase the houses we live in.

    There long term aim is to make a vast profit from selling the undervauled land to the higest bidder. They have started to build these new deluxe houses and the children of the privilaged has started to crawl from the lairs gobbling up any underpriced housing they see. I really do think the end is near for our neighbourhood, I just saw a poodle.

    Sorry about any typos…

  2. the_dallas says:

    ^True story is that I make my girlfriend call the settlers “dog walkers”.

  3. alex2.0 says:

    same thing is going on in ATL.

  4. Miss Ahmad says:

    that’s exactly what’s happening in Hollywood, which no more than five years ago was a hot bed for Tranny Hookers, runaways, punks and skaters. we’re getting a whole foods grocery store, (read high end health food which coast three times more than anything else).

    3 million dollar condo’s, $20 valet parking and a dive bars which have now become hot spots.

    it’s a damn shame. thank goodness for rent control!

  5. Antagonista says:

    Same in DC. And what hurts is that the people who do have homes are taking the few thousand $$ they are being offered so that these bloodsucker can put $10K into the properties and sell for $500K

  6. Tiffany says:

    Same in Milwaukee………half a million dollar condos built right across from a run down project complex that is walking distance to down town…..near “King Drive”……..

  7. MistuhX says:

    kinda the same here in TX. Only thing is..everything is still cheap in texas so it’s not really a problem.

  8. Tony says:

    Double same in KC only we hand out tax breaks to rich condo dwelling folk. They call it TIF but it’s really just an excuse to chase poor people out, pay little or no taxes and then flip the real estate for even more cash. The only cost of entry is a good lot and a fat campaign donation.

  9. Tony says:

    The shit is more set up than a Rocky movie.

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