Funky Jazz Rap Steez…

By now you’ve come accustomed to the Doppelgangaz doing some hazy funk shit. I don’t know what the Dopp trips on, but I can’t wait to get me some. The Doppelgangaz do shit how I would if I could. Their look, their sound, their steez are all original and fresh.

Underground rap from the dungeon with a funky drummer underneath all of that. You can’t tell me you don’t feel this shit ‘What am I’?!?

This is that future funk.

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  1. Mother Gaston Speed says:

    Speaking of the funk DP, did you hear guitrist Pete Cosey died? He played with Muddy Waters, Miles Davis and Earth Wind & Fire, among — big influence on a dudes like Vernon Reid.

    Pere starts wailing around 2:00–

    Michael Henderson on bass, Mtume percussion too for all the ’70s heads here.

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