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Ban Mac Lamar…

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014


Let’s be clear about this one fact… Dallas Penn and Black people as a collective are the LEAST homophobic people on the planet. This is a fact. I do not have a phobia of homosexuals. Sure, I enjoy playing the pause [ll] game, but that shit is just fun. I do not fear gheys tho’ because they aren’t the problem.

Macklemore is the natural progression of rap music in the hands of capitalistic corporations. Do you think capitalism really cares about ghey rights, civil rights or human rights for that matter? Hells nah. They are marching us towards the day when people will pay a premium to own children. That’s right, I said OWN children. Like Madonna and all of her Black babies.

Madonna can afford to adopt African babies tho’ and pay the tariffs imposed for moving those children across borders and oceans. The rest of us won’t be that fortunate. Macklemore, Ellen deGeneres and the ghey media are all tools for capitalism and certainly not the rights of ghey, lezbird, RuPauls and transmetrosexual people.

But Macklemore is definitely a scourge to people who have no idea what Hip-Hop really is. He is a watered down pop music artist who has copied the mannerisms of the greatest entertainers before him. He sucks because he is a biter. Macklemore is unoriginal. Macklemore is counterfeit. Never mention Macklemore’s name in the same vein of Hip-Hop.


Behold, The Food Warriors…

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


After a too long hiatus, and with a new webseries in tow, the Internets Celebrities have returned to the place of their birth… The internets.

Now you may call them the Food Warriors as they traverse the NYC subway system visiting neighborhoods and finding out where the locals like to eat.

You get twice the saturated fat and carbs when you put these two street reporters together. I hope you’re hungry because you are about to eat with two of the phattest.

Next stop… 168th Street

Bronsolino Rising…

Friday, November 1st, 2013


The homies Action Bronson and Party Supplies team up again for another installment of their Blue Chips series. Action is as witty as ever and Party Supplies is still the quirkmeister with the sample sources. These two dudes are like your favorite movie/sitcom/cartoon/cable television commercial all rolled up into one.

Stream or DL the project – Blue Chips 2

My fanboy juices are all excited [ll]. I’ve got another fanboy video in the chamber and I haven’t even gotten halfway thru the album. Let’s gooooooo!

Boston Beard Gang…

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays

Philly beards have gotten all the props in Hip-Hop, but the 2013 MLB World Series is the ascension of the Boston beards.

Big Papi has always had the slickest sideburns and beard lineup, but some of his gingery Dominican teammates are on the comeup with their facial follicle work.

Bringing me back to THIS…



Friday, October 11th, 2013


I don’t think I’m gonna open another rap album this year until Roc Marciano drops his production compilation. The Pusha T album is like Yeezus beats with real rapping over them. Shit is fantastico. This album made me shut down the Cam’Ron mixtape completely.

My Name Is My Name isn’t really a debut album since Pusha is quite the veteran in rap circles, still that’s how it will read in the books so I’m happy dude gets a home run for his first at bat. Pusha T is the 2013 Rickey Henderson of rap. He’s the best leadoff scorer in the game.