sneaker fiend


Been waiting for this event all year. Don’t get caught sleeping. Sneaker Pimps, the world’s largest touring sneaker and street art based show stops through Hotlanta on Friday August 25th, 2006 and your boy will be in the building with a few pair of select goodies to display to the peoples. Check the link later this week to see who the performers will be. I smell a Big Boi/Outkast performance.

sneaker fiend

sneaker fiend

sneaker fiend

Sneaker Pimps

5 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. Miss Ahmad says:

    side note:

    congrats your dallas you’re a black weblog awards finalist!

    my vote was counted:-)

    Miss Ahmad

  2. sATaLyte says:

    I was at the last sneaker pimps show in Atlanta at MJQ, definitely a nice show.

    I don’t even care for kicks that much, but there was so much going on, art, music, skating, the whole nine it was one of the better events that I’ve ever been to.

    Thing is didn’t even know that ish was going on though til like nine that night. That show got no promotion, but it was still live.

  3. Storm says:

    Why that foo got his nose in the sneaks!!! hahahaha fun-neeeeeeee!

    I voted for you too, honey! Congrats!!

  4. mrkamoji says:

    P-Rod Jordans are the second nicest shoe ever, I still have nothing for love for those Air Zoom that ason Kidd (no “J”, get it), wore way back when

  5. festijazz says:

    you people are “effing” retarded. and thats the truth.
    sneaker pimps though…they’d probably say you’re lame as well.

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