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To all my peeps out there that love the NIKE Dunk shoe(KAMOJI stand up!)… put your joints on ice for at least a year.

NIKE Dunks have officially jumped the shark now that humps like JUDE LAW wear them to the beach.

jude dunks

photo from alex2.0

32 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. omegaSb says:

    so fukin wat those are GR’s(general release) now if they were SB’s or SBTG’s then i would say fuck it …but sneakerheads must stay true the essence …”do you ” people “do you”

  2. Sangano says:

    i never liked dunks…not that i want to be cool, but i always thought of them as less than appealing…especially considering its many nike counterparts (ie. vandals). Add to the fact that they cant hold a candle to airforce1’s (the holy grails of snearkerdom in my opinion). af1’s are so uninhibited and smooth, fullbodied and both summery and wintery at the same time (Hi’s or Lo’s to chooose from, my fav’s are Mid’s) with color combos to boot, so if you ever see me reaching for a pair of classics you’ll be guaranteed to see something other than dunks on my feet….o yeah…f the hipsters!…i almost cried/laughed/wanted to punch one in the face when i saw one cruising down the ave with dunks and a CHe t-shirt on.

    where’s the justice

  3. the_dallas says:

    just the simple fact that this fag is wearing DUNKS pisses me off. Why couldnt he wear a pair of Stan Smiths? Thats a good homo shoe. AF-1’s will never be holy grail because they are a dime a dozen. Holy grails have to be rare and remarkable. Search DP dot com and type in the word ‘holy grail’ so you can see the truth.

  4. Sangano says:

    good point….i should been more specific AF negro Cubans are more like it…untouchable….dunks so watered down even kobe has a pair…and SB dunks just add to the watershed

  5. the_dallas says:

    Have you seen the AF-1 Negro Lg Ethiopians? The best Negro Lg design on the shoe I hate the most. Dunk NL’s rule.

  6. Sangano says:

    i have, from what i understand thats the first release of second NL pack, the clown face would look hard with a matchign leather varsity jacket. i dont know how dated my info is…i wonder what other ones are coming out or have already come out….dunk it hard sun dullah..dew u

  7. P-Matik says:

    Hipsters ruin everything.

    Dallas, where can I peep the design for those NL Ethiopians? AF-1’s run this rap ish.

  8. mrkamoji says:

    In my humble opinion, AF1 are like public transportation everybody has them and will always have them. Dunks were the bastard child of Nike until they realized that skaters loved them. Skaters only loved them for ankle support and the fact they were cheap. Nike figured a way to make money and hence those SB dunks and all the colorways.

    On some real talk, I’m going back to only wearing Jordan Ones’, cause really a lot of art fag’s, hipsters and everything in between have spoiled dunks for me. That is me doing me.

    Ps: Em ethiopians are tight picked up a pair in March.

  9. the_dallas says:

    Fuck the hipsters! I have a store in NYC selling me NL’s for 40cent a pr but you gotta buy 2 pr. RAFI, are you in with me?

  10. omegaSb says:

    in my opinion i think theres now this great new awakening now for a rare shoe any case to me that would be a dunk . AF1’s yes are fuckin blasted everywhere and the most bland and repetative colorways ..its all purpose shit even Nigo copied em …weres the individuality, were are they progressing.. now im not knocking them only for the slight fact that graffiti writer STASH got his hands on two ( london/tokyo editions and the ones he released at Nort /Recon a few months back ( thank god for birthday money) ) are the only reason i would ever rock em …they make your feet look like boats to be honest . There is something about the Dunk and how it simply cradles the foot, i remeber my first dunk purchase when i was in 7th grade ( im a freshman in college now ) some GR onyx grey and navy blue dunks .. with the supplest interior ever ..a soft mesh that i wore almost every day ..not only was there comfort but the style of the midsole grants your foot to look a whole lot smaller than it really is .. so u dont look like a douche when u put jeans on .. the design is multipurpose so i can either leave the tounge out or keep that shit in ( hopefully ur jeans dont bleed ) …shit even leave the floppy ears out …somethin about that AF1 ( to me ).. that big ass strap just screams douchebag lacks proportion and it just simply makes ur whole bottom half look fugly …unless ( back in my heyday ) u had some sick lacing skills or u were a girl …sorry im in a sneakerhead rant..cant wait for the feedback

    P.S jordan heads …ur not exclusive anymore …stop smelling ur farts …come on everyone and thier grandmother has a pair ..its not 92′ anymore

  11. Sangano says:

    i didnt want to say this…but the time has come…

    FLAT OUT…dunks are like the new Che shirts…they just look like your trying waaayy to hard to fit in….

    lemme guess you compliment them with a slightly slim pair of jeans…smedium tshirt…and big ol’ belt buckle with the shirt tucked in so as to show the buckle and a cap tilted just slightly off-kilter…mad tacky…niggas tyring waaaay too hard…

    yes everyone has a pair of AF1’s, the streets are flooded with them…cause theyre official i grew up in those shit s (and i aint trying to rush out and buy a sneaker i actually saw no one wear when i came up just to act as if)…i hate this ultratrendy elitist shit ….you end up looking like a fag and broke…till then keep ur gay stylez….ill stick to my nyc’s and i’m begining to think that sneaker heads are gayer than hipsters…

    1 faggots

  12. the_dallas says:

    Sangano I will smack fire out of your commie mouth if you diss my suede Dunk NL with the mango soles. You need to stop dickriding Nelly and get you a new shoe. Btw, the Marshall Mathers AM 90s are flavor flav.

  13. sangano says:

    haha dallas i know you better than that…Nellly brought that noise when i was still in college….niggas (at least from up here) issued dude an automatic late pass…nah i respect the NL dunks…they so ugly they pretty.

    and yes marshall is gonna be stepping correct in those.

    btw bump that Pittbull “ya se acabo” dude brings real emotion on that

  14. omegaSb says:

    how the fuck do you campare an inflated logo ( che t-shirt ) with a pair of dunks ….ur history doesnt even sound right…if u grew up on anything it would be Brooks ..shit even” jigs” was rockin LA. gears …i remeber when AF1’s and even the vandals was for losers..peeps was rockin those reebok DMX joints and them Barkleys …the AF1’s shit is brought by your Nelly’s and Jay-Z’…air forces definately have been jumped the shark …and to comment on “streetwear” u have no idea my friend …somethin that u prolly wont have the blessing of experiencing while u purchase ur cruddy ” permiums” at ur local footlocker.. shit even if u waited at Supreme u wouldnt deserve to stand in line…but i shall digress…i believe the streetwear movement is definately a test on style and design…even american commodification ( you consumer whores out there ) … the dunk is obviously part of the muscle behind it …its a simple sneaker but can be an abstract canvas …it can be more than splatterin ur nations flag on ( how many times can i really see one more dam PR flag custom AF1..shoot urselfs) anywhoo if u look at the “hipsters” yes some shit is rediculous ( 80 bucks for a BAPE shirt …i couldnt help it ) but its the actual sneakerhead shit or even facehead shit ( north face for you asshats) …we sit and we wait for the next big thing and if that be an ankle high Futura endorsed pink treasure ( the UNKLE) or a 400 dollar jacket that feels like the warmth of hot cocoa in the crappiest winters ( the amazing steep tech) …we shall wait …cuz u dont have one

  15. sangano says:

    ^ gay.

  16. the_dallas says:

    yeah Sangano, even if I could climb my fat azz thru these wires I wouldnt beat you down because I’d lose one of my 13 everyday readers. But on the real respect my NL Dunks. Omega did have some real talk that Reebok was that shit until we found out they was reppin’ apartheid. They still are, on the low. S dots and G-Units are used to fund colonial supremacy in Australia.

  17. omegaSb says:

    ^lmao and yes …tru i love my NL undfeateds and my mangos .. big ups dallas

  18. sangano says:

    dallas relax, i said i liked those piece of shits already, moreso cause i dig the NL collection.

    now in between omega’s “jigs”, “brooks”, “jumping the shark” and feminine coture fashion rant i have no idea what the fuck he’s talking about….he’s probably a real feminine bitch who conceals MAC lip gloss in his whatever the fuck 3/4 length jacket he wears

  19. sangano says:

    o and as for my “history” i can’t see you having a real clear view…grew up in the city in a heavily hispanic/black enviroment (u kno the same guys hipster sissies jack their “retro” styles from 12 yrs later) wear i can guarantee no one wore “brooks” and or

  20. sangano says:

    400 dollar jackets….

    now ur indie obssessed fashionista diva ass probably grew up in the burbs where you learned and continue to derive pleasure from the names you plaster acroos your chest or butttox…now youve reached the manic heights of deriving pleasure from the idiocy of standing on lines hours on end in the bitter cold and darkness only to fork over you or your parents hard earned cash for objects with no real value….i say continue to fork over that cash…and thanx for the stock tips…

    o and btw i cant stress enough how cats were rocking af1’s and Ewing’s before nelly jumped on the easts dick 11 years later….

  21. sangano says:

    pardon the multiple posts…u’d think an i-bank would have better computers lol

  22. omegaSb says:

    wow u fuking cunt …gettin heated over the internets..of course you cop out and fleed back to ur “supposed ” ubranized stomping grounds to get a miling from your childhoods oversuckled tit …stay on subject…i already know your clouded point of view since u just had to sling another gay joke because i can somehow formulate a coherent sentence… sorry if u dont know what a “jig” is ( jigaboo) not a sneaker or a “Brooks” …your counterattack was totally assonine since u couldnt comprehend a sneaker from a racial slur..

  23. omegaSb says:

    your obviously pourous with stupidity …its North Face ..of course its gonna be a couple bills wether you like it or not quality = higher price .. since the shit could last Everest i think it could last the LES pretty easily…now as it goes for a name tattered on my chest your basically tryin to negate the fact that u love “Nikes” just as futile as any other thing in this reality, wether im standing in line or not im still feeding the economy and im still supporting a powerhouse of this industry ..were both pawns u could say …but of course one is just “iller “

  24. sangano says:

    talk about getting heated lol this keeps getting better….yes i like nikes…so i go to the mall or local spot and pick up what i think is hot…if a pair of kicks which i thought was the shit when i was eleven still peek my interest today…all the better, its a keeper!….what i don’t do is go out of my way and drop hundreds of bills on some abstract ugly brand (lets say bapes) just to fit in and be the “freshhhessst” on the block for a hot 16 seconds.

    you on the other hand have so little self esteem you crave to have what others do not…deriving pleasure from how limited, rare or early you are on some “gear” in the course of which you create and commune in artificial circles of faggotry where one man praises another on the color of laces he chooses to bind the leather on his feet with….i cant stress how pointless and futile i see these endeavors as. (but thats just me)

    you are correct on one thing however sir…in large part we are both supporting the nike/polo/whatever powerhouses making us indeed pawns…but of course one of us is just a whole lot “bitchmade” in the process.

  25. the_dallas says:

    You two homos are arguing about the same shit!

    Let’s all agree: Anything in size schmedium from Japan = wild faggotry

    I got an old interview I did with DipSet up on the page that needs a fucking comment too.

  26. omegaSb says:

    Bitchmade or not …someones ego is inflared with the usual “thugomatics” , so what a shirt is tight ..better than wearing a “dress” ( white tee ) and hangin out on the corner..yes people ur image does coincide with stereotypes ..and yes were arguing about the same shit ..becuase well its an argument jackass..put ur vauge bullshit on another thread^ …..anywhoo..ur being a slight hypocrite seing as ur on this sneaker thread ( yea yea pointless it may be ) but exclusiveness correlates to all corners of our social sphere …the gravity of your statements barely tightens the loose ends of your looping loic..any level of “rareness” is comparable to religion..politics ..shit even during the nuclear arms race its all about ” who shit is better and do u have it or not ( ill blow u to hell first ..yes the russians would have gave “it ” to us )” …that were originality and all the other stuff come into play

  27. In response to sango there is nothing wrong with a smedium tee and some dunks the problem comes in when you look like every guy wearing them. You have to be creative and think before you dress and do something to make you and you smedium tee stand out check out some of these and go from there

  28. And further more I like the way Jude law is rocking his dunks

  29. What would you rather rock a long white tee and dunks or a smedium and some dunks

  30. Bapes says:

    I likes bapes it is a really dope brand to buy but I cant afford no authentic bape cuz right now Im on the welfare, so I just usually look up bape on google and buy a replica one usually the quality is pretty good. I think Bape needs some new styles though.

  31. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

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