Outfit Architecture…

I’ve been sitting on these RLX I.T.’s for a minute, mad thirsty to show y’all the entire ‘Fit but the universe hasn’t been fuxing with hardbody the last few weeks. I had an eBay auction ending this afternoon and I missed out on the snipe.

I need to win these shoes right here…

These are called the LeBron 9 ‘China’ edition. I slept when they first dropped because I wasn’t really fuxing with LeBron shoes at the time. Now that I need them I have to pay reseller rape prices.

These resellers gonna fux around and make it to where I find something else to use as my footings to this ‘Fit I’m building. RLX spring collection ain’t been nuthin’ to fux with. Modern Explorer was official, but this Yosemite/Whitewater series is str8 FIYAHVERKX!

I str8 up stalked the shit out of that sweater every week at Bloomingdales until the price went from $495 to $160. The hoodie went from $170 to $40. The cargo sweatpants were $50 and the scarf was $20.

The Miami Marlins hat was $20 from the good people at Poleberg.

The sweater is on some heirloom shit to me. The knitwork is intricately detailed with native American designs and sewn-in elbow padding. Just Blaze prA’Li got this in his archives.

The cargo sweatpants were another I.T. I had to play close since Bloomie’s on Lexington Ave only had one pair in XXL. I can’t believe that heads were sleeping on these. I lucked up catching the last orange scarf on clearance.

Since I won’t be popping tags on this ‘Fit until the fall I’m hoping to have my footings situation shored up by then. If not the LeBron 9 ‘China’ then something else equally official with swag.

Any suggestions Lifestyle Architects?

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  1. cocotaso says:

    i’m still working towards my masters in outfit architecture, but some wallys would be nice. if you gotta go the sneaker route this pair of 580s http://kix-files.com/2010/08/new-balance-mtg580-ma-1-gore-tex-flight-jacket/

  2. DirtyJerz says:

    nah fam. Them LeBrons are not worthy of that outfit, B. I’ma find some joints for that

  3. illill says:

    no lebrons for that son
    Jordan pistons would look fly with it since those look fly with everything
    that sweater is crazy
    im still copping the Whitewater/Yosemite series

  4. nahright commentz says:

    These are some horrible clothes….and shoes.

    You need to grow up and start dressin your age…




  5. abstrizzle says:

    i never liked the 9’s, but the only 9’s i can fux with are the china’s & the elite 9 miami vice color way. that’s it.

  6. the_dallas says:

    You merc’ked it with the ripstop NBs and my man Super Bad Solace got those too. Now I’m activ8d and on the hunt

  7. ComishnaSnaxx says:

    The Packer x Saucony 9000 Grids on Packershoes.com might be a candidate, Tech-nician.

  8. T-Bag says:

    Yo, DP did they have that sweater in a medium? I need that joint!

  9. illill says:

    i need that sweater too.

  10. T-Bag says:

    Yo, DP show me and IllIll some love and head back to bloomies for the homeys. What size u need IllIll?

  11. illill says:

    xl or xxl

  12. JT$ says:

    Those Cavs IV joints would look good with just the sweater + black classic Mets fitted ya digg

  13. SvR247365 says:

    QU in the building! shout to my man hanni at poleberg on Steinway, dallas knows whats good…

  14. DirtyJerz says:

    Bong! if you goin vintage, I caught a DS pair of these last year for $100 via the internets and I regret giving them way too much burn…


    In the same vein, these work too… hey, he’s offering “Or Best Offer”


  15. HaitianSicilians says:

    Kobe 7 “wolf”‘s, the orange would bring it all together

  16. illill says:

    Dallas and t-bag…..I need help getting the explorer aviator jacket in a xxl

  17. T-Bag says:

    Yo illill is that the joint with the dragon on the sleeves?

  18. illill says:

    yes….fuckin Bloomingdales.com had it in xxl for 114 and it’s gone. I need that piece badly. only xl on the lo.com site.

  19. T-Bag says:

    I’ll check my bloomies for u my dude, I got you. I went on a serious mission the other day for that sweater on this post and only found it at one spot.

  20. the_dallas says:

    T-Bag, illill,
    The Bloomingdale’s in NYC (59th & Lex) has the RLX sweater and the Modern Explorer aviator jackets.

    Check your e-mail and I’ll send you the particulars.

    What size sweater you want T?

  21. T-Bag says:


  22. T-Bag says:

    Good looking out DP.

  23. illill says:

    aight I’ll check

  24. illill says:

    Dallas….i didn’t see the email.

  25. $yk says:

    co-sign nosign the ‘Brons


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