Lunchroom Battles feat Nas and Akinyele…

Via my big homey Gudtyme SoundCloud page…

“In the summer of 1991, I was chilling at my boy DJ Johnny Wishbone’s crib. He was making a mixtape. This was a gem from that day. Akinyele and Nas doing their”Live at the BBQ” routine. Luckily I still have this copy. Finding it inspired me to create a mix called LUNCHROOM BATTLES. This is a collection of old school hip hop battles and freestyles that I have on my old dusty cassette tapes. Enjoy…”

Lunchroom Battles feat Nas and Akinyele. by gudtyme

7 Responses to “Lunchroom Battles feat Nas and Akinyele…”

  1. dmitry aka the brooklyn jew says:

    Damn dp, you got this straight from the fucking dungeons of rap. Props for this, and you know how much of a NaS stan i am dude.

  2. Wardell Franklin says:

    whoa!! big thanks for this, thanks DP and thanks Gudtyme.

    “Life Is Good” is excellent too tho’ “Summer on Smash” is every bit as fucking vile as I expected… Find me even ONE woman who’ll buy this album for that song and I will show you a 2012-13 Knicks NBA championship trophy, i.e. she/it do not exist.

    That such inane garbage is included on the album while “Nasty” is consigned to ‘bonus track’ purgatory shows you Nasir STILL is capable of the same ‘judgement’ that got him into this Kelis mess in the first place (cf. the bad parts of “Street’s Disciple” disc two)– and at least that really was uncompromising.

  3. dubz says:

    nas over ufo, priceless..

  4. L Boogs says:

    wardell as a female i’m sure you’ll be happy that I can prove you wrong! love the album worth my 11$!! 😀 + thanks for this dallas!

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