Wasn’t it just two(2) weeks ago that Jordan Brand dropped the ‘Olympic’ VI’s? Well pictured above are the Barcelona 7s from USA Basketball’s 1992 Dream Team run. Only Jordan wore Air Jordan back then and Jordan wore out Croatia’s Toni Kukoc who would later become his teammate in Chicago.

Folks are lined up as usual but this time I will visit another store which I haven’t given the time of day recently – Modell’s. They will host a midnight release at their Times Square store so I’ll be right back on the Deuce after just leaving the screening of the Dark Knight Rises(meh).

While heads are hyping for the 7s I’ma try and see if I can track down one more pair of the Jordan 2012 ‘Year Of The Dragon’. The shoe was criminally slept on this year. If I can’t find another pair of 2012 YOTD’s I’ll prA’Li thirst out the Barcelonas, or maybe not. Stay tuned sneaker fiends.

4 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. illill says:

    7s is nice but I got the 6s so im passin on them. I might catch restock though or cop the 7 raptors.

  2. Jason Chu says:

    What did u think of that dark knight rises, D? Worthy ending to the trilogy? I have my ideas but I’d like to hear yours

  3. BIGNAT says:

    i will give you my 2 cents on the dark knight rises. i never liked the look of bane for the movie. the fact that he was super bad ass and sounded like sean connery made up for it lol. catwomen was meh in the movie at best so many other choices that could have work better. other than that the movie and all the classic batman stories they used to put this one together makes it fucking epic. this movie is very long but you won’t be checking your phone or watch. you will realize it’s long because you have to go to the bathroom and you realize this shit just keeps getting better and better. i almost pissed on myself i had to go but could never find a spot that i felt like yeah i can get up now.
    they say this joint is not going break the avenger record and i bet it’s because of that crazy dude. then even canceled some of the oversea shows just in case of copycats. well anyway it’s more than worthy like i said earlier the shit is epic. whoever does batman next tim burton needs to get on board. i want the dark knight rises comic story line made into a movie. everything you need is there just make it from the source material.

  4. Rdiddy says:

    I ended up passing on the 7s and not really on purpose. I copped the 6s so the sense of loss wasnt too great. Im a Cincinnati representative so I have my eyes on the Fire 4s coming out and that def will ease the pain.

    I agree with alot Nat says on the film and that shit was not even looking at Avengers as being an action packed, thrilling movie that appeals to all. I did however admire how well they were able to have the viewers anticipate and experience the chaos and anarchy of the city. I felt the fact that we had a darker super hero movie bought balance to the game. Shit aint always fun and games in this comic book shit. Cant lie I went on Sunday and I was shook as shit at ever person that came into the movie late. Holmes had me thinking up a escape route in case shit hit the fan.

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