And Biggie Wept…

This reality show is str8 tragic

6 Responses to “And Biggie Wept…”

  1. pmac says:

    humpty dumpty sat on a wall humpty dumpty had a great fall can a doctor ever put lil kim back together again in 2012 i think. maybe 50ty or oprah wit a cool mill cant fix or it can get worse like jacko.

  2. el cuco says:

    so fuckin sad, man.
    wtf? why would she fux wit her shit at all?
    what was really wrong with her to begin with, cmon!

  3. illill says:

    el….I don’t know. She was fine on her first album cover. Whats even worse is her people’s tellin her she’s still hot

  4. AreaFY says:

    its time to take down my hard core poster. sigh

  5. BIGNAT says:

    I would say turn the lights off and still hit it. Kimmy chun’s face might glow in the dark now lol

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