Olympic Champion Lifestyle…

I went in on this I.T. for 50% off at my Polo honeycomb hideout in Manhasset. I wanted to wait for the next reduction, but I was shook that some kid just coming into the Lifestyle was gonna beat me to the register.

The funniest shit is that my cellphone doesn’t even have outgoing service right now, but I still feel like I got my priorities in order. SMH

4 Responses to “Olympic Champion Lifestyle…”

  1. illill says:

    can’t find it in an xxl. fuckin buttas right there son.

  2. @yobrazil says:

    all for the love of the lifestyle

  3. LEX says:

    Best piece of the season… wish I woulda found it for 50% off

  4. JaiSlayer says:

    Jackets is still on sale on Polo.com until the 5th for half price. But it’s only in size L, M or S. Peace.

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