Blogging Bad…

Editor’s note: Breaking Bad went from a curio television program to a cultural phenomenon. I’ve wanted to talk about the show before it jumped off the cliff to popularity but I just never made the connection. In steps my homegirl Special K who really, really, REALLY goes in for the show. She’s gonna give us drops for this new feature titled ‘Blogging Bad’. Let’s go…

How much of a “Breaking Bad” fan am I? Let’s just put it this way. How many people do you know who would actually choose to vacation in glorious Albuquerque, New Mexico in the height of their 100+ degree summer just so they could do their own Breaking Bad tour, visiting and photographing many of the locations that are key to the series’ storyline?

Also, how many people do you know who friend people on Facebook who have assumed the identities of Breaking Bad characters? Well now you know at least one. Obsessed much? Just a little. But who could blame me? BB has to be one of the best shows EVER on TV, right up there, for my money, with The Wire and The Sopranos.

And for those of you who watched on Sunday night (SPOILER ALERT), you know that it’s now on between Walt and his brother-in-law/DEA agent Hank, and the end might just be in sight for Walt’s blue meth empire. Unfortunately, we’re not going to find out for another year, as the last episodes of the fifth – and final – season of BB will be broadcast next summer. So for those who need their BB fix, so to speak, you’re just gonna have to wait!

Well, at least we have Dexter…

Special K

Walt’s house

Jessie’s crib

The ‘Car Wash’

The ‘Dog House’

5 Responses to “Blogging Bad…”

  1. LEX says:

    Had no clue they were splitting the season like that.. ive been harassing my girl to catch up so we can watch the new episodes together. Guess shes got plenty of time to catch up now..

  2. Special K says:

    Yes, it’s sad but true. Try to catch up on On Demand if you can. Based on Sunday night’s cliffhanger, you need to play very close attention to the details of previous seasons to understand how/why things are playing out like they are.

  3. T-Bag says:

    SPOILER ALERT, I’ve never watched Breaking Bad but I know what it’s about and I hate to spoil it for you but the show is centered around the meth so I doubt very strongly Walt will die anytime soon or the empire will be shut down

  4. T-Bag says:

    By the way the Sopranos was wack as shit, I never watched The Wire. Many of these Hbo/Showtime series get props just because they get to use profanity and subject matter that network TV can’t and unfortunately these shows end up being wack cause they don’t have to write a good story cause they just use drugs, cursing, and nudity as a crutch. Entourage is the perfect example, this is one of the wackest shows ever but it got props because of drugs, profanity, and nudity.

  5. I’ve caught Breaking Bad a few times. Its nice to watch his transformation of family man to dealer. Waiting on Dexter hardbody though [II].

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