Breaking Bad FTW…

breaking bad

Peace to El Gringo Colombiano.

For the last couple of weeks I have been sitting on a couple of NetFlix DVDs of the previous seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’. I was watching the show when it debuted several years ago. I forgot how good it was. The series is offbeat and dark. A chemistry teacher becomes a crystal meth dealer in order to leave his family with some bread.

It’s not that simple and it doesn’t try to posit meth dealers as misunderstood chemists. The show is about a man’s descent into madness where he gives up everything he believes in to help the ones he loves. Okay, it’s not that idealistic either. It is damn good television tho’ and isn’t that the point?

I fux with ‘Breaking Bad’ and if you knew how to mix chemicals like I do, you would too.

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  1. lboogie718 says:

    this show is great i love when i hear people are getting up on it.. I didnt think it would make it past the first season bc nobody I knew saw it but it is just amazing and really original. the acting is pretty good too jesse gets on my damn nerves sometimes but its part of his character. anyway glad to see you promoting this. this show is the truth.

  2. Smear says:

    Graet show, I hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as another great show DEADWOOD, shit got cut after the 3rd season.

    Problem is not enough people watch them on TV but then hunt down the DVDs after the fact… Like me.

  3. Smear says:

    Bryan Cranston is fantastic as Walter. Jesse is a funny fucker, a bitch but a funny cunt all the same.

  4. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    Dallas, glad u checked out Breaking Bad.

    Admittedly I’m a TV lightweight, don’t watch that much. So what I’m about to say is blasphemous to some.

    Breaking Bad = GOAT TV drama show, tied with The Wire. Real talk, no bull shiiiiiiiiiiit (c) Clay Davis

    It intertwines so many current events topics, such as the bogus US health care system, where a high school teacher (supposedly good union benefits, no?) health insurance doesn’t pay adequately for his lung cancer treatment . The effects of the failed drug war on both sides of the border. The meth epidemic, which in some US regions is on the level of the 80s crack epidemic in terms of addicts & collateral victims (children of addicks). The process of money laundering. The situation where an intellectual genius (Walter White) who was the prime factor in a company’s success (Grey Matter) gets shitted on/not paid adequately (word to Bill Gates/Micro$oft stealing the IP of countless startups). Etc

    Gustavo Fring, the black South American (possibly Chilean) meth kingpin, is the SMARTEST/ILLEST/GOAT fictional crime character, EVER. Gustavo makes Al Pacino Michael Corleone character look like a dumbass by comparison!

    Plus Jesse Pinkman has the hilarious slanguistics, yo! Yeah Jesse can be an annoying dumbass, but Jesse is Walt’s conscious, preventing Walt from becoming fully a Heisenberg sociopath, biiitch!

    Breaking Bad is the Illest!

  5. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    [||] on the photo in this drop. That pic is from the Pilot episode, before Walter White’s cancer influenced him to shave his head, & manufacture methamphetamine, after which he transformed into is alter ego Heisenberg

    pic of Heisenberg & Pinkman, bitch!

  6. $yk says:

    ‘Breaking Bad’>>>>>’Weeds’

  7. A'Pex says:

    That finale left me with mouth agape, buggin’ and fiendin’ for more [||]. I can’t believe how much better this got with every episode this year.

    Are you guys also checking for “Treme” and “Justified?”

    Holy shit!

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