Lunchroom Battles: The Mixtape…

What was it about rap music that made you tune in so completely? Was it the deft use of language? Was it the boom bap of the drumbeat? Whatever it was that made you fall in love with rap music when you first heard it is contained on this mixtape produced by my homey Gudtyme.

Lunchroom Battles is a compilation of some of the more rare early rap recordings from legends like NaS, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and Slick Rick, plus other rap heroes gone but never forgotten. Lunchroom Battles is a document to how far rap has come since people were taking this shit as a joke, a passing fad with a chain and a rope.

Gudtyme called this first edition of what will be a series of mixtapes; ‘Lunchroom Battles: Desperately Seeking Vanessa‘. You have to read the drop he wrote to fully understand the title. BTW, the nude pic of Vanessa Williams is NSFW

3 Responses to “Lunchroom Battles: The Mixtape…”

  1. Supreme says:

    …when shit was real

  2. Supreme says:

    Run-DMC @ the Apollo

  3. Guds says:

    thanks homie home!!

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