Log Cabin Lifestyle…

I love this time of the year. I’m already plotting my Outfit Architecture for the next few months. I’m going in for the nuevo-hikernati swag. I’m gonna be extra heavy on my Timberland grind.

I sold a few kicks on eBay so I could justify buying this vest in a meetup for $100

The plaid shirt and Tim 7-eye Goretex are from the archives at C.S. crib.

I love these Polo vests with the snap-off hoods. I have a black one as well, and now I just need the blue joint, or is that O.D.?

The 7-eye Goretex are sweet. I can tell you that I wear these joints without socks because they feel that good to my feet. That being said they aren’t my first choice as the footings for this ‘Fit. I’ve got my eye on a pair of Timberland x Rag & Bone ranger boots which are sublimely fresh. I’ma try and sneak this into C.S. crib under her radar.

I don’t even know why I’m putting these ‘Fits together since I don’t wear anything when I go hiking…

10 Responses to “Log Cabin Lifestyle…”

  1. Fosterakahunter says:

    Penn, I love you brother.

  2. Smear says:

    sick fit for a sick man.
    Glad to see u back champ

  3. Pajama Rich says:

    Wasnt prepared for that pic

  4. illill says:

    bakanefek time for about 10 lo post

  5. DirtyJerz says:


    Good to see you back, B

  6. K.O. says:

    You’re really on your shit for an OG Dallas. Most OG’s can NOT dress.

  7. LEX says:

    Zest-fully clean!

  8. MotherGastonSpeed says:

    The kid is back, whoa… Queens Blvd Red Lobster celebration!

    Naw, fuck that… Lobster Pound in Red Hook– just say when.

  9. Chepe Leña says:

    Urban Legend caught on camera, lol!

  10. Soundwave says:

    They do exist!

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