LEX: Hip-Hop Alphabet

LEX is one of the longtime lifestyle representatives you see leaving comments on various drops here at dP.com so it’s only right that we give him some time to preview a project he’s been putting his soul into.

LEX project is titled ‘H.A.S.H.’ (How About Some Hardcore) and this joint is the lead single. Give my dude some of your earspace my Internets. He is our family.

13 Responses to “LEX: Hip-Hop Alphabet”

  1. MF DROID says:

    This is dope! #Salutes2LEX

  2. LEX says:

    DP, much appreciated sir. Thanks for checking MF Droid!

  3. DirtyJerz says:

    Word Is Bawn!

    LEX, you been holdin’ out, B! This is boom bap that will definitely go into the iPad!

  4. LEX says:

    Thank you fam. There’s definitely more to come in the near future.

  5. Krashone says:

    @lex!! Ha ha that’s what’s up!! Keep bangin “they act like they never herd a real hiphop song in they life” hey lex maybe they haven’t… But they have now!!

  6. WTF? Sean Price released his Mic Tyson artwork and dp is posting some bullshit in here…we need more info about SEAN P!!!!!!!!!!

  7. LEX says:

    Peace krash! Glad you dig it. Sorry to hear you think this is bullshit, FHADN.. I wanna hear some new Sean Price shit too.. I’m sure Dallas will keep us posted..

  8. illill says:

    dallas…..how the fuck is all these asians more influential than you in sneaker history?

  9. Mighty Spare Rib says:

    Nice work, Lex… As far as the back in the days concept goes…

    I would have preferred a [Lovebug] Starski or Starsky [& Hutch, shout to the great Antonio Fargas] reference instead of Styles P…

    But it’s your life, and that’s why we both write!

    Sean Price news?

    1) P! reveals his ‘male pattern baldness’ on Randall’s Island (next year at Arthur Ashe Stadium)–


    2) “Mic Tyson” should be the best hip-hop album of 2012 (admit it, ain’t none of us are listening to “Life Is Good” anymore) unless Roc Marciano or (longshot) Wu Block beat it.

  10. yo LEX don´t take it personal it didn´t heard that song, it´s aight i judged a book by his cover…..but damn that new sean p will be hardcore shit..

  11. SlickRickA2 says:

    Nice joint LEX. Needed that today!

    DP you got a refined earpiece, stay hippin’ cats to real hip hop…good-lookin’out.

  12. LEX says:

    Good looks people.. mightysparerib (awesome name) I only mentioned cats with initials in their name so lovebug starski wouldn’t have fit in but I may do a part 2 eventually to shout people I missed.

  13. djs says:

    When is that Cory Gunz & Dj Soulless mixtape come out ?

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